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Semi-Soundtrack Review: The Book of Clarence

Ep. 189

This week, Sumit and Chris review (kinda) the soundtrack for The Book of Clarence, directed by Jeymes Samuel. The hosts don't even know what the movie is about because it's out this coming Friday, but they love soundtracks.

The duo thoroughly discusses Jay-Z and D'Angelo FINALLY collaborating for the soundtrack for a 10-minute madness. You can also expect a candid chinwag about the importance of soundtracks to the film viewing experience, and Sumit and Chris end by highlighting some of their favourite soundtracks.

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  • 185. The Royal Flush Fan Appreciation Society

    Royal Flush is one of our favourites; our listeners know this to be true. Last month, news broke that Royal Flush had been diagnosed with Stage 3 cancer. With that said, we wanted to make our love for Royal Flush even more known and do what we could to raise awareness about his situation and what we could do to help. The family of Royal Flush are asking for our support during this challenging time. Your donations will go directly towards Royal Flush's medical bills, ongoing treatments and other essential expenses. Click here to donate. Now go and play Ghetto Millionaire... LOUD!Connect with Breaking AtomsInstagramFacebookFollow SumitInstagramTwitter Follow ChrisInstagramTwitter
  • Sumit Meets Kishmeister (ITCH FM)

    On Sunday, 10th September 2023, our very own Sumit was invited to ITCH FM by Kishmeister to talk about some things with his entire chest. Sternum included. Sumit broke down his vital contributions to The Blog Era, work on this very podcast and much more. Kishmeister and ITCH FM have been very gracious and have allowed us to share the audio with you. Not only do you get to hear more details about Sumit's story, but you also get a better of his music tastes as he selects a few riddims for the playlist. This is an in-depth interview - strictly for live men, not for freshmen.Connect with Breaking AtomsInstagram: SumitInstagram: Follow ChrisInstagram:
  • 184. Sowmya Krishnamurthy

    From we were knee-high, one thing we were taught in our respective communities (Black, Asian and Hip Hop) is that you have to look good. Anything less was uncivilised. Real talk, Hip Hop and Fashion are so intertwined. Don't believe us? How many trash rappers get a pass because they look the part and dress well? No questions. We have too many answers.This week, we're joined by Journalist, Writer and all-round bad gyal with the pen, Sowmya Krishnamurthy, who has just released her first book, Fashion Killa: How Hip-Hop Revolutionized High Fashion. Sowmya shares the origins of writing the book, the years it took to get the story straight, challenges, lessons learned and everything in between.Connect with Breaking AtomsInstagram: SumitInstagram: Follow ChrisInstagram:
  • Midnight Mastermind on BBC Radio 2

    On Monday 14th August 2023, we were invited to be special guests on BBC Radio 2’s Midnight Mastermind with OJ Borg. Midnight Masternind is a format where the host is asked three questions about a specialist subject and he has to research the answers live on air. Our subject was none other than Nas! Oh yeah, we got The World Is Yours played on Radio 2. We did. that! We had a lot of fun on the show, so we're sharing the audio with you.Special thanks to Sophie Tibbles and Will Broadbent for inviting us on the show.Connect with Breaking AtomsInstagram: SumitInstagram: Follow ChrisInstagram: