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Laura Jane Bolton: Navigating the Exodus from Social Media, Beyond Germ Theory, Awakened Leadership #86

Ep. 86

Laura is a coach and guide who believes everyone deserves to experience inner freedom. Through her coaching programmes, membership community, courses, workshops and digital content, she works to support other awakening beings with their life journey, so they can throw off the shackles holding them back, enjoy a rich fulfilling experience of life and create what they want.

You can learn more about Laura on her website.

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  • 88. From Shame to Strength: Healing Through Naked Men's Work w/ Logan Quinn/JP Kingston/Brian Carew #88

    In this episode, Logan, Brian, JP & Will dive deep into the world of men's work and sexual kung fu, exploring how these practices can transform our relationships with ourselves and others. Our guests share their personal experiences with sexual kung fu and discuss how it has impacted their overall well-being and personal growth. We also address common misconceptions about sexual kung fu and explore how it differs from other mindfulness practices. Along the way, we touch on the topic of circumcision trauma and its impact on men's lives. Whether you're a seasoned practitioner or a curious newcomer, this episode offers insights and inspiration for anyone interested in exploring the power of men's work and sexual kung fu.About the Guests:John Paul is a Transformation & Holistic Lifestyle Coach that has worked with thousands around the world to Reclaim and Rewild their Primal Power within through Sexual Alchemy, Primal Movement/Embodiment, Nutrition/Detoxification, Breathwork and Subconscious Rewiring. Learn more here: // // of Medicine of Man, Logan has spent his life in search of ways to live like a modern Tarzan. This search has led him to working in the circus while studying formally in Kinesiology and Body Centred Psychotherapy for over 4 years. He currently works in Vancouver helping clients at his practice heal from chronic mental and physical dysfunctions using his own formulation of psychotherapeutic massage; a powerful healing tool! Websites / appointments + Course: // // Instagram: @medicineofmanBrian Carew (a.k.a Dex Parker) is a Holistic Movement & Breathwork Coach, Registered Respiratory Therapist, Movement Flow Instructor, and 700hr RYT deeply passionate about the moving human body. Brian’s mission is to help people feel more confident, connected, and safe in their own body through the modalities of primal movement, dance, somatics, breathwork, and energy work. After exploring dozens of movement modalities and spiritual practices over the past 10 years, Brian has brought his real life experience into his coaching/mentoring career. learn more at // IG: @carew_embodiment
  • 87. Waking the Fake Up with Jason Christoff #87

    Jason Christoff has developed a world wide reputation as a self sabotage coach who makes complex issues easy to understand for his clients. Jason discovered very early in his career, after managing one of Canada’s most successful weight loss clinics, that health and self sabotage were inherently connected. Jason is interviewed across the world every month, appearing on various podcasts and radio shows, regarding his highly effective methods for overcoming self sabotage, losing weight and how to rise up to your full potential.Jason also leads by example for his clients, using his immense experience learned when he overcame his own self sabotaging behavior, which had driven him to the brink of disaster. Jason has written over 1300 articles on a wide array of topics, all available here for free on this website. Jason believes that not only can we save ourselves with effective coaching…..we can also save our children, our most important relationships and our communities.learn more at's Monkey Pox Episode: Cooper's Beyond a Pale Horse - Audio Book Corrupted - The Killing Nurses of The Third Reich - - Fauci's First Fraud - never proven to exist - - COV- 2 never proven to exist - the real Anthony Fauci -
  • 85. Loren Johnson: Sex Kung Fu Master #85

    Loren Johnson - Master of Oriental MedicineSenior Universal Tao Yoga InstructorThai Massage TeacherLoren's awakening began in 1998 with Kundalini Tantra. Taoist Yoga, Tai Chi, Chi Kung, Inner Alchemy Energy Meditation and Sexual Kung Fu cultivation began shortly after while training with and ultimately becoming certified as a senior instructor under the most famous Taoist in the world, Grand Master Mantak Chia. During various trips to Thailand Loren became trained as a Mindfulness Based Meditation teacher and learned Thai Yoga Medical Massage Bodywork. Loren has been vegan and a teacher of the vegan lifestyle since summer of 1998 specializing in raw, living and consciously cooked plant based foods.​Loren earned a masters degree in Oriental Medicine to practice acupuncture in /
  • Self Care, Sovereignty & Service to Others with Aaron Abke #84

    Aaron Abke was born and raised as a Pastor’s Son in the Silicon Valley of California. He desired to work in Church Ministry like his father and attended Oral Roberts University in Tulsa Oklahoma, graduating with a Bachelors Degree in Music and Theology. He spent one year working as a full time worship pastor until eventually at 23, he felt called to leave his religion and pursue a deeper and more authentic spirituality. At 27 years old, Aaron had a dramatic spiritual awakening that changed the course of his life. He was working as a signed Fitness Model in San Francisco and competing at the National level in men’s bodybuilding at the time, and completely walked out of his former life to dedicate his life to seeking how to return to the state of Liberation permanently. Aaron’s passion is in teaching the science and art of spiritual ascension and bliss consciousness to the world. Aaron believes that Enlightenment is the next evolutionary leap for mankind and is available now for anyone who truly desires it. More at
  • The Horror of Circumcision & Premature, Forcible Foreskin Retraction (PFFR) with Anthony Blood #83

    The Horror of Male Genital Mutilation (Circumcision) & Premature, Forcible Foreskin Retraction (PFFR) w/ Anthony Blood. Reach Anthony here: Tik toks @handmadeforeskin @handmade4skin @bloodstainedman Snapchat @handmade4skin Insta @theanthonyblood @handmadeforeskin
  • Kelly Brogan MD: Take Your Power Back #82

    It was so much fun to interview Dr. Kelly Brogan on the Urban Yogi Podcast! This episode centres around her fantastic recent ebook that should help to wake you up to the virus game that's being played “especially if you still think that HIV causes AIDS and that COVID is anything more than a population-control script they resurrected complete with the same cast of characters and flow of ready to 🙄 at the upcoming HIV vaccine!” - Dr. Brogan. May this interview and ebook be a gift to your liberation! E-BOOK on the fraudulence behind "HIV" and "COV1D": Here are the main linksVideo versions YouTube: Has been censored off YouTube Bitchute: Odyssee: Audio versionsSoundCloud: Apple/iTunes Podcasts: Spotify: Google Play:
  • Alec Zeck: Free Thinker/Medical Freedom Advocate #81

    Learn more about Alec Zeck and his amazing offerings at