The Urban Yogi Podcast

Tuesday, April 4, 2023

From Shame to Strength: Healing Through Naked Men's Work w/ Logan Quinn/JP Kingston/Brian Carew #88

Ep. 88
In this episode, Logan, Brian, JP & Will dive deep into the world of men's work and sexual kung fu, exploring how these practices can transform our relationships with ourselves and others. Our guests share their personal experiences with sexual kung fu and discuss how it has impacted their overall well-being and personal growth. We also address common misconceptions about sexual kung fu and explore how it differs from other mindfulness practices. Along the way, we touch on the topic of circumcision trauma and its impact on men's lives. Whether you're a seasoned practitioner or a curious newcomer, this episode offers insights and inspiration for anyone interested in exploring the power of men's work and sexual kung fu.About the Guests:John Paul is a Transformation & Holistic Lifestyle Coach that has worked with thousands around the world to Reclaim and Rewild their Primal Power within through Sexual Alchemy, Primal Movement/Embodiment, Nutrition/Detoxification, Breathwork and Subconscious Rewiring. Learn more here: // // of Medicine of Man, Logan has spent his life in search of ways to live like a modern Tarzan. This search has led him to working in the circus while studying formally in Kinesiology and Body Centred Psychotherapy for over 4 years. He currently works in Vancouver helping clients at his practice heal from chronic mental and physical dysfunctions using his own formulation of psychotherapeutic massage; a powerful healing tool! Websites / appointments + Course: // // Instagram: @medicineofmanBrian Carew (a.k.a Dex Parker) is a Holistic Movement & Breathwork Coach, Registered Respiratory Therapist, Movement Flow Instructor, and 700hr RYT deeply passionate about the moving human body. Brian’s mission is to help people feel more confident, connected, and safe in their own body through the modalities of primal movement, dance, somatics, breathwork, and energy work. After exploring dozens of movement modalities and spiritual practices over the past 10 years, Brian has brought his real life experience into his coaching/mentoring career. learn more at // IG: @carew_embodiment