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A Little Thing Called Marketing

Social Media Savvy?

Season 1, Ep. 1

This week, Darren and Sinéad explore the world of Social Media.

They look at:


·     Some stats about Social Media

·     How important it is to be ‘where the eyeballs are’, and whether or not companies are taking social media seriously and utilising it in the best way.

·     Marketing strategies and tactics that help grow businesses through the channels they are present on and discuss what it really takes to be “Social Media Savvy.”

·     The possibilities of Social Media when it is done correctly.

·     The importance of analysing results.

·     How social media marketing compares and contrasts to traditional marketing.

·     How important it is to know which platforms you need to be on, and it’s not all of them. You need to be where your target audience is only.

·     How Facebook knows so much about us; our demographics and our psychographics. How it’s viewed as an advertising platform now from a business perspective.

·     Whether or not Facebook is a pay-to-play platform.

·     TikTok as a strong social media platform, and how the organic growth and reach is better than many other platforms and why companies, that it suits, should be utilising it.

·     How video-first platforms are on the rise, as Instagram moving away from just images.

·     How offering ‘something of value’ to your consumers, will help you to grow your band and your following, and how you become more trustworthy as a brand.

·     The importance of video – how it’s the most consumed media online, as it takes zero effort for the consumer.

·     A 2-screen e-commerce element, which may be ahead of us.

·     Organic vs. paid posts. Is there a point in both, or should all posts be paid?

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