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  • 76. Episode 76 - Dennis L. Carney, British Therapist, Facilitator, Activist, and Founder of Black Connection

    Dennis L. Carney is a British therapist, facilitator, and activist with over 25 years of experience developing and facilitating a diverse range of courses exploring themes around sexual and mental health, identity, equality, diversity & inclusion. He's the founder and chair of Black Connection, a UK-wide social network for Black queer men over 50. Additionally, Dennis is an advisory board member for EBANMAN, a publication showcasing the professional lifestyles of mature Black queer men within business, travel, and arts & entertainment.

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  • 75. Episode 75 - Pax Ahimsa Gethen, American Transgender Vegan Pacifist, Blogger, and Wikipedia Volunteer Editor

    Pax Ahimsa Gethen is an American transgender vegan atheist, pacifist, blogger, photographer, and Wikipedia volunteer editor. In August 2023, Pax was awarded Wikipedia’s 2023 Media Contributor of the Year. Through their blog site,, Pax is a dedicated advocate for marginalized communities, highlighting transgender and Black social justice causes and cultural milestones. 
  • 74. Episode 74 - Marc Thompson, British Director of the The Love Tank and Co-Founder of PrEPster

    With over 30 years of activism, Marc Thompson is one of Britain’s leading HIV and Black queer men’s health campaigners. He's the Director of The Love Tank and co-founder of PrEPster, which “seeks to educate and agitate for PrEP access in England and beyond.” Marc has co-founded other organizations like BlkOutUK and Black and Gay Back in the Day.
  • 73. Episode 73 - Ruele Okeyo, Kenyan Activist and Director of Kenneth and Jacob's House

    Ruele Okeyo is a Kenyan human rights defender, HIV champion, and the U=U ambassador in Kenya for the African Forum. U=U stands for Undectable mean Untransmittable. Ruele is the Director of Kenneth and Jacob's House, an organization offering “temporary transitional housing and care, safety and protection, psychosocial support, advocacy, and social life skills for LGBTQ runaways and homeless youth in Kenya.” He's also the creator and host of the podcast, Sex-Ed By Ruele-ations.
  • 72. Episode 72 - Krylios, Jamaican Author, Playwright, Performer, and Producer

    Krylios is a Jamaican author, playwright, and emcee, moderator, and producer for Team Rayceen Productions. He's also the founder and creative director itsKrylios Kreations. Krylios is the author of the 2022 anthology, Fears, Fantasies and Freedom, which “…explores power, passion, perseverance, love, loss, laughter, magic, mayhem, madness, and what it truly means to find your freedom.” He joins me to share his journey as a Black queer creative professional.
  • 71. Episode 71 - Chris Caldwell, American Digital Nomad and Co-Founder of Obsidian Wine Retreats

    Chris Caldwell is an American wine ambassador, global digital nomad, and co-founder of Obsidian Wine Retreats in Cape Town, South Africa. We met in Cape Town during my three-month visit to South Africa. Chris shares about his journey as a Black gay digital nomad and entrepreneur.
  • 70. EPISODE REPLAY - My Digital Nomad Journey in Europe

    Recorded in October 2022 in Bath, England, My Digital Nomad Journey in Europe (originally Ep. 41) is about Erick Taylor Woodby's travels to Swedish cities like Stockholm, Malmö, and Uppsala. And the British locales of Bath, Brighton, Liverpool, London, Southampton, and Winchester.