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The myth of US energy independence

The Russia–Ukraine crisis has exposed vulnerabilities in US energy security. The US may import only a small amount of Russian oil, but it is tied to Russian energy via its participation in highly globalized supply chains.

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  • What Consumers Should Ask About Precision Fermentation

    Precision fermentation is a relatively new food technology that is rapidly entering the mainstream. Products such as milk protein, animal fats, collagen, honey, lobster, egg whites and more are receiving hundreds of millions of investor dollars.
  • AGRI NEWS RUSH - News Headlines Weekend 3 of April 2024

    News headlines of the week. This was a Audiocast from the NEWSDESK of (CRA) Media International in Los Angeles in the USA. 
  • Dogs may be at risk from high levels of lead

    Lead is a toxic metal that negatively affects body systems of people and animals, with the nervous system being particularly sensitive. Although elevated levels of dietary lead are potentially damaging to animal health, lead shot can be legally used for hunting terrestrial gamebirds, like pheasants, in the UK. While most pheasants are eaten by people, some are used in petfood.
  • Farm vehicles now weigh almost as much as heaviest dinosaurs

     A new study led by researchers from Sweden and Switzerland has found that the weight of farming machinery today is approaching that of the largest animals to have ever roamed the Earth – the sauropods.
  • Mechanical devices to clear the ocean of plastics

    Mechanical devices are increasingly being considered as a potential way to help address plastic pollution found globally in marine environments.
  • Van Aarde Pretorius ONE FLEXBOX -Onderhoud

    Gerda le Roux gesels met Van Aarde Pretorius van Los Angeles in die VSA - Suid Afrikaner en die eienaar en Uitvinder van die FLEXBOX- 2024 - Volg dit op
  • What is the origin story of MycoLogic

    MycoLogic began as an academic research project at Kennesaw State University by co-founders Drs. Chris Cornelison and Kyle Gabriel. As applied microbiologists, with a focus in mycology, we began to look at specialty mushroom cultivation after discussing the general lack of mushroom diversity in local markets. Why could we only find 3 varieties?
  • Are meat substitutes really better for the environment than meat?

    Lots of consumers say that they’re trying.1 Polling data from the UK suggests that nearly half (44%) of consumers try to buy less meat “All the time” or “Fairly often”. Visit the website above.