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Selling Speed: The MRN NASCAR Local Sales Podcast

2023 August

Season 6, Ep. 50

Breaking a new ad category. Richard Childress Racing added sponsorship recently to the number 3 & 8 cars with mega personal injury law firm Morgan & Morgan. This is an ad category I have been talking about since I sold local radio and why there needs to be more of this category on the radio. We talk about why radio and NASCAR make sense for personal injury lawyers in this episoide.


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Morgan & Morgan

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  • 54. 2024 January

    In this episode we look at selling our short form ancillary programming.Links mentioned this month:2024 MRN Sales KitSelling Speed: 2022 January (Best practices for selling races)Selling Speed: 2022 September (with Loyd Ford & Ed Knight-Selling NASCAR)Audio 1 Support for new XDSCall Audio 1 at 214-396-9405 or Email support@audio1.comWeather Delays and Affiliate Bulletins@4MRNAffiliates
  • 53. 2023 December

    NASCAR negotiated with 5 TV partners for its new broadcast deal spanning from 2025-2031. There are three main reasons how these new deals will help you sell NASCAR to your local radio clients.Links Mentioned:NASCAR TV Deal DetailsMore on the dealsRestaurant Growth TroublesRed Lobster's Miss#NASCAR#Sports#Marketing#Media#Radio#Advertising#Sales
  • 52. 2023 November - EXTRA

    This is an extra episode of Selling Speed where we will play the audio from our latest sales webinar looking at the 2023 NASCAR Next Gen Fan Study. Follow the links in the show notes to download your copy of the presentation and the webinar video. It’s very powerful selling information to help you mine for new business, find places to promote the race broadcasts, and defeat objections.Links referenced in this episode:2023 NASCAR Next Gen Fan Study PowerPoint2023 NASCAR Next Gen Fan Study Webinar Video#NASCAR#Radio#Sports#Media#Marketing#Sales#Advertising#Business
  • 51. 2023 October

    Way back in 2016, one of my very first Selling Speed articles (before we expanded to a podcast version), we looked at the common objections stations get when selling NASCAR. The objections haven’t changed but there is some new data we can add to help fight the good fight. So, we’ll revisit what I wrote in 2016 and add a little 2023 color just in time for selling your 2024 NASCAR packages…Links referenced in this episode:NFL & MLB research on fans who listen to the radio while watching their games.U.S. Regional Population2023 NASCAR Next Gen Fan Study PowerPoint2023 NASCAR Next Gen Fan Study Webinar Video#NASCAR#Radio#Sports#Media#Marketing#Sales#Advertising#Business
  • 49. 2023 July

    Those of us of a certain age remember the great Paul Harvey and his newscasts each noon daily for decades on radio stations across the country. There has been so much good news on the NASCAR scene this season, I’m sure you have not been able to keep up. These items are presented to you to help spread the news of the growth of the sport, to help you engage with your clients who are fans and continue to defeat the uninformed “NASCAR is dying” objection/opinion when faced with it.So, I will attempt to inform and entertain as the late Mr. Harvey once did…and now the news! Links to the 8 news stories mentioned in the podcast are below.·      Goodyear’s NASCAR Sponsorship Tops All·      The Business of NASCAR in 2023·      Sellouts, we’ve had a lot of them including Pocono·      “Windy City” Economic Impact from NASCAR·      NASCAR Next Gen Fan Study·      NASCAR Day Giveathon·      NASCAR's Ben Kennedy Named to SBJ's "40 Under 40" List#NASCAR#advertising#sports#radio#media#marketing#sales·      A NASCAR/NFL Connection
  • 48. 2023 June - BONUS EPISODE

    In this BONUS episode we share the audio recording from NASCAR Next Gen Fan Study Webinar - MRN Lunch & Learn on June 7th. We revealed all the great data and sales information we got from our completed study of 5 markets using the Local Radio Analysis (LRA) product from FMR Associates. Download a copy of the presentation and the complete video recording for your sales efforts and for training new staff members at a later date.2023 NASCAR Nest Gen Fan StudyJune 7th MRN Lunch & Learn Video Recording#radio#sales#NASCAR#sports#marketing#media#advertising
  • 47. 2023 May - SPECIAL EPISODE

    A Selling Speed x The Encouragers: The Radio Rally crossover episode entitled "The Next Gen NASCAR Fan Study" with Loyd Ford of Rainmaker Pathway Consulting Works, Kent Phillips from FMR Associates & TCCP Radio, and major market air talent Meg Butterly lends her talents to help keep us focused and on topic.Bob, Loyd, & Kent go over findings from a recent consumer study of the 21st century NASCAR fan and just how powerful the NASCAR brand is among almost all radio formats.#NASCAR#Radio#advertising#marketing#sales#sports#media
  • 46. 2023 April

    In this month's episode Bob interviews Marc Greenspan from Research Director, Inc. They discuss two of NASCAR fan's biggest strengths for sellers, loyalty and spending power.Links to the original Radio Ink articles written by Marc discussed in this episode:Selling Audience LoyaltySelling the Value of Your Older AudienceMARC GREENSPANFOUNDER/CEO - RESEARCH DIRECTOR, INC.Office: 410-295-6619