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The Class Clown Podcast With Chino Liao

Introduction to Motorsports with Milo Rivera

Season 3, Ep. 24

Chino is very honored to welcome 5x Driver of the Year and Manila Standard Motoring Editor, Milo Rivera. They talk about the rise in popularity of motorsports as well as the many misconceptions that surround it. They talk about the competitive aspects of the sport, the car culture in the country, and what it's like for a race car driver to drive in real life.

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  • Season 4 Teaser

    Chino is hard at work on Season 4 but before that, he'll give you an update on what he's been up to the past few months and what Season 4 has in-store.
  • Comedy Nomad with Steve-o Joslin

    Internationally traveled comedian Steve-o Joslin joins Chino to talk about how he got started on his stand up journey. He talks about the pros and cons of constantly moving, the differences in performing in different countries, and the kinds of connections he forms despite constantly moving. He also tells the story of how he became a Romanian celebrity.
  • FlipTop Battle Theory with BATAS

    Rapper, musician, and all-around badass BATAS joins Chino this week! He talks about how he started in rap and how he got involved with FlipTop. They also dive deep into FlipTop battle strategy, how the league has evolved, and his advice for new rappers who want to give it a shot. He also talks about getting into other genres of music, why he loves art, and the parallels of stand-up and the rap game.
  • Dick Joke Documentation with Leland Lim

    Chino welcomes up and coming comedian Leland Lim as they talk about his stand up journey, how he got into comedy, and his series Mahirap Magpatawa: A Stand-Up Experience on Instagram!
  • 23. Educational Tiktok with Reb Atadero

    Actor, singer, and host Reb Atadero drops by the podcast to talk with Chino! They talk about his love of performing and history and how those two worlds coincide. They also talk about the pros and cons of Tik-Tok.
  • 22. Ancient Chinese Comedy with Jesse Appell

    Chino welcomes comedian and tea purveyor Jesse Appell! Jesse is an American comedian who lived in Beijing for nearly a decade and Chino talks to him about his start in the Chinese stand up scene, how he discovered Chinese Cross Talk Comedy, what the differences are between stand up and Cross Talk, and how he got into the tea trade. 
  • 21. Black Belt Biology with Pat Jamlang

    Chino is joined by a man who wears many hats in Pat Jamlang. Pat, who is a former radio DJ and now an entrepreneur and Brazillian jiu-jitsu teacher talks to Chino about how he found the sport, what brought him to it, how hard the early days of MMA were in the country, and the different styles he uses to teach people from all walks of life. He also talks to Chino how BJJ permeates all aspects of his life and how he uses what he learned to navigate life. Like what you hear on the pod? Support Chino when you shop at no extra cost to you. Affiliate links to Shopee, Lazada, and Amazon can be found at
  • 19. Content Creation and Coping with We The Pvblic

    Chino welcomes some of the faces behind the Instagram page, @wethepvblic. Chino speaks with Lead Producer Gelo about the importance of keeping the youth informed, combatting misinformation, and re-establishing We The Pvblic as a content creation brand. Content Producer Alexis talks about the importance of covering taboo issues on their page, and Multimedia Artist Ysa discusses some of the hurdles they've had to go through in terms of content creation. The team also talks about being there for the fallout of the 2022 national elections and helping the youth cope during these trying times.