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Culinary Arts with Nathan Mounayer

This week, Chino welcomes chef and entrepreneur Nathan Mounayer! Nathan, an avid foodie, talks about how he got his start in the hospitality industry, where he draws his inspiration from, and how he wants to bring Middle Eastern cuisine to the forefront. He also talks about tackling stereotypes in Middle Eastern cuisine, the success of his restaurant Meshwe, and how they've used this success to support stand up comedy.

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  • TikTok and Content Creation with Ron Dulatre

    Comedy Manila feature and TikTok sensation Ron Dulatre joins Chino to talk about the wonderful world of social media, comedy, and everything in between.
  • Passion and Podcasting with James Caraan

    Comedy Manila headliner and host of the KoolPals and The Overlap James Caraan joins Chino in the season closer. James talks about finding the balance between passion and earning, the importance of building communities, and why podcasting has had such a big effect on the local stand-up comedy scene. He also talks to Chino about dealing with haters, handling negativity, and receiving free food.
  • Weaving with Jeannie Laccay

    Comedian, mother, and weaving-proponent Jeannie Laccay joins Chino on the podcast to talk about her latest career as a weaver. She talks about how she discovered traditional Isinay weaving, what brought about her curiosity, and how she works with traditional weavers from her home province of Nueva Vizcaya. She also talks about the challenges of bringing weaving to the forefront, the misconceptions people have, coming up with designs, and trying to save traditional weaving.
  • Laugh Trip: Saigon with Ankita Ghosh and JK Hobson

    Chino revisits one his favorite cities to perform in and takes a look at the history of stand up comedy in Ho Chi Minh/Saigon Vietnam with two of its most active producers/performers, JK Hobson and Ankita Ghosh. They talk about how they got started in comedy, how they found themselves in Saigon, how comedy found its way to the city and the early days of comedy. They also talk about how English stand up is received by locals and how it differs from the Vietnamese style.
  • Wrestling and Mental Health with Josel Nicolas

    Comic book writer and comedian Josel Nicolas talks to Chino about how he fell back into wrestling, who introduced him to it, and why it reminds him of his late father. He also talks about dealing with loss, talking about tragedy in comedy, and how comedy allows him to deal with these things.TRIGGER WARNING: This episode deals with mental health and loss of parents.
  • 8. Architecture with Richard Tan and Juan Paolo

    Real-life architects and stand up comedians Richard Tan and Juan Paolo join Chino this week to build a foundation of comedy. They talk about how they fell into this field, the many challenges they face, and the different disciplines involved. They also talk about how their world coincides with comedy and how their styles have influenced both their stand up architecture.
  • Marketing with Diana Aaron Ong

    Former brand manager and current podcaster, mother, and stand-up comedienne Diana Aaron Ong joins Chino this week. Chino talks to Di about her past life in the corporate world, how she transitioned into their family business, and how she pivoted into comedy. She also talks about marketing herself as a comedian, how those two worlds intersect, and how comedy has changed her perspectives.
  • Leather Working with Migo Morales

    Budding stand up comedian and full time leatherworker Migo Morales joins Chino on the podcast. Migo talks to Chino about how he entered the soft goods market, what inspired him to change careers, and what he does with his new company, Soul Flower Co. He also talks about his experience with stand up and how his two worlds coexist