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Comedy Nomad with Steve-o Joslin

Internationally traveled comedian Steve-o Joslin joins Chino to talk about how he got started on his stand up journey. He talks about the pros and cons of constantly moving, the differences in performing in different countries, and the kinds of connections he forms despite constantly moving. He also tells the story of how he became a Romanian celebrity.

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  • 8. Architecture with Richard Tan and Juan Paolo

    Real-life architects and stand up comedians Richard Tan and Juan Paolo join Chino this week to build a foundation of comedy. They talk about how they fell into this field, the many challenges they face, and the different disciplines involved. They also talk about how their world coincides with comedy and how their styles have influenced both their stand up architecture.
  • Marketing with Diana Aaron Ong

    Former brand manager and current podcaster, mother, and stand-up comedienne Diana Aaron Ong joins Chino this week. Chino talks to Di about her past life in the corporate world, how she transitioned into their family business, and how she pivoted into comedy. She also talks about marketing herself as a comedian, how those two worlds intersect, and how comedy has changed her perspectives.
  • Leather Working with Migo Morales

    Budding stand up comedian and full time leatherworker Migo Morales joins Chino on the podcast. Migo talks to Chino about how he entered the soft goods market, what inspired him to change careers, and what he does with his new company, Soul Flower Co. He also talks about his experience with stand up and how his two worlds coexist
  • Peace Education and Signature Laughs with Marco Gutang

    Long time comedy fan and open micer Marco Gutang joins Chino this week. He talks about his signature laugh, how he's developed it, and what his family thinks of his boisterous laughter. He also talks about his career as a peace educator, his diverse background, and how he uses these as material for stand-up comedy.
  • Banking and Creativity with Judd Gregorio

    One of the rising stars of comedy, Judd Gregorio joins Chino to talk about his former life as a banker. He talks to him about how he found that career, why he chose to be a banker, and what his officemates think of his life as a comedian. He also talks about transitioning to a different industry, how comedy affected that choice, and how comedy changed his life.
  • 4. Writing with Margie De Leon

    Chino is joined by writer, journalist, and stand up comedienne Marguerite Alcazaren De Leon to talk about writing. They talk about why she got into stand up, the differences of writing long form and jokes, and the many things she was surprised (and not surprised) to learn about in the world of comedy.
  • Engineering and Triathlons with Lawrence Vivar

    Chino's second guest for the season is triathlete and civil engineer Lawrence Vivar. Lawrence talks about his background as a civil engineer, how that crosses over with stand up comedy and how his creative side is unlocked whenever he does comedy. He also talks about his other passion: triathlons.
  • Art with Muman Reyes

    The KoolPals' Muman Reyes joins Chino for the season opener to talk about his new career as an artist. He talks about how he started, where he gets his ideas from, and people who actually by his pieces. He also talks about his creative process, his future plans as an artist, and makes fun of Chino along the way.
  • Let's Try This Again

    Chino is back and takes some time to explain to people where he's been, why he's been gone for so long, and what he has in store for this season.