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Trump Indicted, Gwyneth Exonerated: The Astrology

Greetings Trashlings! Big Libra themes emerge as we approach the Libra Full Moon next week! Court, Justice, Blondes, and an incoming baby Libra on board! Plus a super balanced second new moon in Aries on 4/20 - Very Rare!

3:13 Unpacking the Gwyneth Trial Verdict: Goop CEO found #Gwynoccent Strong women and feeling bad for loser men. 

10:04 Yellowstone: Gender politics as depicted in “the republican succession.” Manic Pixie Cowgirl. To screw or be screwed. 

16:40 Satun in Pisces is the dissolution of the current physical form so we can start anew in 2025.

18:00 The Dark Ages & wacky baby names.

21:47 Literal Astrological Dark Age — we f*cked around, now we’re finding out! 

26:44 S/O Josephine Baker’s France Era

27:34 Trump enters his “find out” era

28:04 What does Trump being indicted actually mean?

32:35 Payment made to silence Porn Star Stormy Daniels before the 2016 election. Will he Surrender himself? Be arrested? Will handcuffs close over his fat wrists? Will his tiny hands slip out if they do? 

35:38 The time Countess Luann got arrested in Palm Beach. Carole Radzowill Quipp - come on the pod Carole! 

37:10 Why are RHO Atlanta and NYC cast members the funniest by far? 

37:54 Trump’s upcoming arraignment and likely release. 

38:10 Trump is already using the charges as a campaign energizer for his base & finds an unlikely ally in Florida’s Ron DeSantis. 

39:10 Can Trump (and other convicted criminals) still run for president? 

40:00 Don’t record your crimes in writing. Don’t order your steak well-done. Trump will stand trial. S/O Carrie Whitmer great tweet. 

44:40 Miraculous Astrology of Trumps Indictment.

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