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Space Trash: Lifestyles of the Rich and Uranus

Noah Cyrus, Tish Cyrus, Dominic Purcell Love Triangle Astrology

Did Tish Cyrus marry Miley's sister Noah's ex-lover, Dominic Purcell!? Molly Mulshine & Sara Armour discuss this family drama and look to the stars to find out what the actual achey breaky is going on here!

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  • Kate Middleton Troops the Colour & Meghan Markle Unveils Jam

    Good trooper, Princess Catherine, makes her first public appearance in months at this weekends "Birthday Parade for the King" while American Riveria Orchard makes its first appearance in months on instagram with Meghan Markels bespoke (and be spoken about) raspberry jam..... coincidence or competitive?Join the Patreon!
  • Sabrina Carpenter’s “Please Please Please” vs. Ariana Grande’s “The Boy Is Mine”

    Molly Mulshine & Sara Armour dive into this week's hot goss, such as it is! Jennifer Lopez fulfilled our prophecy and cancelled her tour for family reasons. Sara explains why Pluto has something to do with this. And mostly, Sabrina Carpenter and Ariana Grande released fabulously theatrical music videos defending their new controversial relationships on the Gemini new moon. Multiple Venn diagrams discussed.Join the patreon for The Kardashians' season five (so far) analysis, the most likely truth about recent reports on Kate Middleton’s whereabouts, and otherwise to support the podcast if you love to listen! Subscribe and leave a five-star review on Apple Podcasts!Follow Molly and Sara on Insta: @mollymulshine and @saraarmour
  • Playboy Parties & Stormy Daniels With Tasha Reign: Capricorn Sun, Taurus Moon, Leo Rising

    Molly Mulshine and Sara Armour are joined by Tasha Reign, who you might know from "Laguna Beach," Playboy, Penthouse or maybe one of her many viral moments. Tasha is a Capricorn sun, Taurus moon, Leo rising and she has a must-read memoir, "From Princess to Porn Star," for anyone who was a fan of Holly Madison or Jenna Jameson's tomes. Join us as we learn the truth about Hugh Hefner, Crystal Hefner, Stormy Daniels and more. Sidenote: there are a surprising amount of Capricorns in the adult entertainment business!Follow Tasha @tashareignslife and DEFINITELY check out her book on Amazon or Audible.Follow Molly Mulshine and Sara Armour: @mollymulshine and @saraarmourCheck out the Moonual, Sara's fortnightly Zoom moon ritual if you're a witch or just a wackadoo.JOIN THE PATREON! Help us!Free option: toss us a five-star rating and a review with lots of compliments.
  • Child Star Therapy With Shannon Amabile: Gemini Sun, Aries Moon, Virgo Rising

    Molly Mulshine and Sara Armour are joined by therapist to the stars Shannon Amabile, who also has a podcast about action films called Movie Buffs. Shannon is a Gemini sun, Aries moon and Virgo rising who's got one incredibly apropos chart twin that she's just mad about (hint, hint). The gals chat about everything from child star ethics to nepo baby politics to why Arnold Schwarzenegger is the best movie star. Bonus: join the Patreon to hear them dissect a Reddit post about whether nannies should be allowed to wear skimpy bikinis at work (justice for hot nannies!).Check out Shannon's podcast Movie Buffs and follow Shannon on Instagram @itsmeshannybFollow Molly and Sara on Instagram: @mollymulshine and @SaraArmour Come to the Moonual fortnightly -- follow @themoonual on Instagram for links to the moon zoomsSupport the pod by joining Patreon! and if you want to show us some love for free, give us a five-star rating and a nice review on Apple Podcasts.
  • JLo & Ben Divorce Rumors + Katy from Queens: Pisces Sun, Sagittarius Moon, Gemini Rising Chart Twins

    Introducing friend of the pod Katy from fave pod of the pod: Queens Podcast! But first...Aspirational Zillow browsing. Entourage, Girls & Rachel Sennott’s new HBO Max project. Bridge & tunnel solidarity. Scorpio Celebrity News: -Scorpio King Charles's official portrait.-Scorpio moons Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck divorce rumor astrology. …and now the main event: meet Katy, co-host of Queens Podcast! Katy is a Gemini Rising, Pisces Sun, Sagittarius Moon and her big 3 chart twin is Belgian singer Stromae who was also born the same day, so we have a true fan and soul twin connection on our hands. Katy is also a 12th house Taurus north node/sixth house Scorpio South Node conjunct her Scorpio Saturn.We cover the Pisces tendency to zone out, lopsided charts, how to understand the houses and quadrants in astrology, telepathy and Aquarius-Pisces placements, and the meaning of the north/south nodes in your natal chart.Katy's near chart twins include:Pisces Sun / Gemini Rising: Drew BarrymoreAlbert II Prince of MonacoMitt RomneyMadison BeerBenicio Del ToroJack HarlowBow WowBryan CranstonMichael CaineDesi ArnazHarry BelafonteThe state of FloridaPisces Sun / Sagittarius Moon: Albert EinsteinSharon StoneCamila CabelloVictor HugoNicolaus CopernicusElliot PaigeHozierIvana TrumpBarron TrumpRupert MurdochRobin ThickeVanessa WilliamsJosh GrobanKristin DavisBecky GSpike LeeTerence HowardEmile HirschAshley GreeneJordan PeeleBianca LawsonFollow Katy & Nathan @queens_podcast Check out Queens Podcast on Apple Podcasts — subscribe & leave a 5-star review!Follow Molly Mulshine @MollyMulshine & Sara Armour @SaraArmour Enjoy our virtual comedy moon rituals @TheMoonual every fortnightJoin the Patreon! & leave a 5-star review of Space Trash on Apple Podcasts if you a real one!
  • Molly’s Emergency C-Section Birth Story (Overdue)

    Our Mother's Day episode is overdue and so was Molly's baby! Seven months after her baby was born, Molly is sharing her birth story in case anyone wants to hear it. It includes hypnobirthing, midwives, a surprise emergency C-section and a Just Eat commercial. Stay tuned for part two, where we'll go through Molly and Daphne's astrological synastry and explain how listeners can navigate their own astrological compatibility with their moms or their kids.Follow Sara Armour on Instagram and buy a reading: @Sara Armour Follow Molly on Instagram: @Molly Mulshine To meet us on zoom every fortnite for a virtual comedy moon ritual follow @TheMoonualJoin the Patreon: Subscribe & leave a 5-star review!
  • 2024 Met Gala feat. Natalie Nudell

    Fashion historian, FIT professor, author, documentation, Space Trash PATRON and Molly’s former roommate Natalie Nudell (Taurus rising, Taurus moon, Sagittarius sun) joins Molly Mulshine and Sara Armour to analyze the 2024 Met Gala red carpet which happened to be divinely scheduled on the eve of the Taurus New Moon!2024’s Met Gala theme was “Sleeping Beauties: Reawakening Feauty” and the dress code is “The Garden of Time” inspired by JG Ballard's 1962 short story about "the inevitable fall of aristocracy and the inability of of money and beauty to stop death"… HOW DID THE CELEBS' FASHION FARE AND HOW DOES IT RELATE TO THE COSMOS!?What is the Costume Institute and the history of the Met Gala as a public facing yet highly exclusive fundraising event? What is the value of celebrity at the Met Gala and when did that start? How does the Met Gala red carpet compare to the Met Costume Institute's exhibit? What role do the Taurean sensory pleasures, Scorpionic decay, and the integration of Aquarian technology play into the curation of this year’s exhibit?Met Gala fashion analysis & cultural context of:-Tyla’s “best of the fest” sands of time dress -Gigi Hadid in Thom Brown -Amelia Gray’s “straight from the exhibit” undercover lewk -Zendaya crushing in Galliano -Kim K in Margiela (with a tiny waist!)-Divine Joy Randolph in denim by Zac Posen (now of The Gap)-Doja Cat in wet tee-shirt-contest couture by Dilara Findikoglu-Lana Del Rey in re-interpreted “antler” by Alexander McQueen-Lizzo with big-clock-from-Beauty-and-the-Beast energy by Victor Weinsanto-Sydney Sweeney in Miu Miu and brown hair -Serena Williams in Balenciaga -Venus Williams in Marc Jacobs-Nicole Kidman in Balenciaga -Bad Bunny in bespoke “floppy cap” Maison Margiela lewk-Kendall Jenner finally likable in archival Alexander McQueen -Kylie Jenner in forgettable Prada-Sarah Jessica Parker in Richard Quinn & escorted bu Andy Cohen -Jeff Goldblum in Tiffany & Co. and his awkward interview with ignorant young-person. Emma Chamberlain -Zoe Saldana, Greta Gerwig, Sienna Miller in Chloe - Anderson in Oscar de la Renta -Elle Fanning in Balmain-Ariana Grande in Loewe-Lea Michelle gender reveal by Rodarte-Khloe Kardashian in absentia -Alex Edelman giving comedians hope in S.S. Galey- co-chair Jennifer Lopez in custom Schiaparelli- Rihanna reliably showing up last.- Mindy Kailing looking good in Gaurav Gupta-Demi Moore cool in Harris Reed-Sofia Coppola crushes in funeral Chanel -Gabrielle Union gives prom in mermaid Michael Kors-Kaia Gerber giving zzzzz’s in Prada -Kelsey Ballerini in ill-fitting mesh Michael Kors-Shakira comeback szn in Carolina Herrera -Jordan Roth in -Rita Ora in and post-gala at 5am with full boobs out -J Harrison Ghee in -Erika Badyu -Chloë Sevigny in  Dilara Findikoglu-Sarah Paulson & more! Check out Natalie’s documentary Calendar Girl on Amazon Video!Join the Patreon! & leave a 5-star review!! 
  • Marcia Belsky of “100 Tampons”: Scorpio sun, Libra moon, Libra rising

    Molly Mulshine & Sara Armour welcome musical comedian Marcia Belsky to celebrate the launch of her new album "Even Should Be My Exact Same Age" and to reveal her identical chart twin. Marcia has the same big 3 as Leonardo DiCaprio (Scorpio sun, Libra moon, Libra rising)!! What do these two powerhouses have in common, other than having a strong opinion of other people's ages? Listen & learn!!Comparisons with other near-chart twins (2/3 of the big 3) include:Libra Sun, Scorpio Moon:Avril Lavigne Jimmy Carter Scorpio Sun, Libra Moon:Anne HathawayEmily "Emma" StoneJack DorseyMarie AntoinetteSylvia PlathJack DorseyVanilla IceMeghan McCainJayne MansfieldScorpio Sun, Libra Rising Gerard ButlerAnthony KiedesRock HudsonSally FieldPLUS enjoy: teenage dirtbag drug tales from '00s Oklahoma, multi-cultural drama at the international school in London, Leonardo DiCaprio blind items, THE secret to making perfect potato latkes, & DEATH!!!!! Comedy!!!Follow Marcia on IG: @MarciaSky& Stream her new album "Everyone Should Be My Exact Same Age" immediately!!LISTEN NOW on SpotifyLISTEN NOW on Apple Music Join the Patreon to support the SpaceTrash Podcast & for bonus episodes on your favorite stars and their stars! out our blog: SpaceTrash.coSubscribe to Space Trash podcast and leave a five-star review!