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Ep. 253: Productivity Versus Activity

Ep. 253

Learn the key difference between Productivity and Activity. It's not just about working hard; it's about working smart. Understanding this difference can help you pave the way to actual results. More from this episode of Chink Positive!

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  • 325. Ep. 325: Why Do We Say This? Cash is King, Cashflow is Queen

    Sa video na ito, tatalakayin natin ang kahulugan at kahalagahan ng kasabihang 'Cash is King, Cashflow is Queen.' Alamin kung bakit mahalaga ang cash at ang tamang pag-manage ng cashflow sa ating finances. Bibigyan ko rin kayo ng practical tips kung paano mapapanatili ang maayos na cashflow. Gusto mo bang mag-increase ang iyong cashflow? The best way to increase your cash flow is to start your own business. Paano? Pumunta sa #CashFlow #FinancialTips #ChinkeeTan
  • 324. Ep. 324: Top Money Wasters For Pinoys

    Sa video na ito, tatalakayin natin ang mga karaniwang money wasters na nagiging hadlang sa ating financial goals. Alamin kung paano maiwasan ang pag-aaksaya ng pera sa pamamagitan ng practical tips at strategies. Kung gusto mong maging financially secure at makapagsave ng mas marami, panoorin mo na ito! #MoneyWasters #FinancialTips #ChinkeeTan
  • 323. Ep. 323: What Every Young Adult Ought to Know About Facing Hard Times

    In this video, we explore the valuable lessons we can gain from experiencing tough times and how these lessons shape our journey towards success.Learn about resilience, appreciation for value, empathy, creative problem-solving, and motivation with Chinkee Tan, your Pambansang Wealth Coach. Don't forget to subscribe and share! #ChinkeeTan #WealthCoach #Motivation #Success #OvercomingAdversity
  • 322. EP. 322: Discover the Secrets of Overcoming Excuses!

    There are only two possible outcomes in life: you either find a way or make an excuse. If you want something, you'll find a way. If you don't, you'll find many excuses. In this video, I'll share the importance of the right attitude and mindset in achieving your dreams. Learn how to use the right perspective to tackle life's challenges. If you liked this video, you want to stop making excuses and start experiencing success, do yourself a favor Don't forget to subscribe, like the video, and share it with friends and family!
  • 321. Ep. 321: The Importance of Success: Why We Should Strive to Become Successful and What Happens If We Don't

    Is success your top priority? Are you happy with your life? Let's find out! In this video, we explore the importance of success, why we should strive for it, and what happens if we don't. Learn how to define success, its significance, and practical steps to achieve it. Understand personal satisfaction, financial freedom, inspiration, and growth, and the risks of not reaching your goals. Success is possible with the right mindset, discipline, and hard work. Don't fear failure; use it as a stepping stone to success.Learn more about the 7 stages of success: