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Chink Positive

Ep. 236: Unlock financial freedom

Ep. 236

Stress on your finances? Open new doors of opportunities. Attain financial breakthrough. Learn more in this episode of Chink Positive!

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  • 242. Ep. 242: How to Surely Get Rich Through the Art of Learning

    Unlock a three-step secret to financial prosperity in this episode of Chink Positive. It’s called the “good-better-best” strategy. Tune in to the Pambansang Wealth Coach to know more.
  • 241. Ep. 241: Facing Our Money Insecurities

     When financial insecurities are not dealt with, it can lead to bigger problems like stagnation, depression and strained relationships. Learn how to overcome those insecurities from the Pambansang Wealth Coach in episode of Chink Positive!
  • Ep. 240: Budget vs. Expenses: Kapos lang ba o magastos?

    Are you a carefree spender? Or in the vernacular, “Waldas ka ba?” If yes, you need to have a guiding cap for spending. How? By knowing the limits of your budget. Learn the art of restraint in this episode of Chink Positive!

    Letting your money control you leads to bad financial decisions. Learn specific steps on how to master your money from this episode of Chink Positive.
  • 238. Ep. 238: From Zero to Millions

    Gusto mo bang magising isang umaga na maraming-marami ka ng pera? You can live your own terms, your own life, your own choice! Samahan nyo ako sa ating episode today.. from zero to millions!
  • 237. Ep. 237: Financial Resilence

    How do you weather a financial storm and bounce back stronger? It starts with the proper mindset. The Pambansang Wealth Coach tells us more in this episode of Chink Positive.
  • 235. Ep. 235: How to prepare yourself financially for business

    Before establishing your business, assess your financial capabilities. Learn more about business funds on this episode with Chink Positive!
  • 234. Ep. 234: How to prepare emotionally for business

    If you're ready to face rejections and failures in business, this episode is perfect for you. Brace yourself and Chink Positive!