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A Spymaster and a Gentleman, Jack Devine Dispels CIA Myth and Dispenses his Truth

Ep. 56
Jack Devine's career at the CIA spanned from the late 1960s to the early 1990s, including the fall of President Salvador Allende in Chile in 1973, the  Iran–Contra affair  in the mid-1980s, and  the fight to push the Soviets out of Afghanistan  in the late 1980s. Devine would go on to run the Counter Narcotics Center  in the 1990s, and helped oversee capture  Pablo Escobar  in 1993. In this interview we talk about his initial impressions of Santiago in 1971, the vast difference between liberalism and communism, and he clarifies the extent and limitations of US involvement in both of Pinochet's coup attempts. In his book Spymasters Prism Jack suggests we need a new Moscow Rules and what they might look like. This is a wonderful discussion with an experienced spymaster himself who's knowledge of intelligence history drives vivid and prescient insights from the past into the future. Jack dispels some persistently inaccurate mythology, and also clarifies why code phrases need not be improvised. Jack Devine - The Arkin GroupIf you've enjoyed this episode and would like to hear more, please consider signing up as a contributing patron and join the community for exclusive commentary, transcripts and other content. A $10 a month donation will really keep us going ---> Alternatively, if you would like to keep us operational you could offer a one time donation of any amount right here ---> Welcome Leslie Rosiak and thanks for joining Patreon!

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