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Former CIA Senior Intelligence Officer Marc Polymeropoulos Offers Clarity In Crisis

Ep. 54

Marc Polymeropoulos has had to live with the consequences of decisions made under the most high-stress circumstances you can imagine as a senior intelligence officer in the CIA, retiring from his 26 years of service as one of the CIA’s most decorated field officers.
In his book Clarity in Crisis, Marc shares how true leaders need to lead in and through times of crisis and thrive under conditions of ambiguity, rather than message their way out or duck from hard decisions. Far from mere theory, Marc outlines the unique and specific mindset and strategies he himself practiced and honed throughout his remarkable career.
In this interview Marc starts with an explanation of an operational act: the Mad Minute, before we discuss some of the chapters of his unconventional and insightful book of hard earned leadership principles. There is a steady theme of humility in his advice and anecdotes. Marc shares examples to highlight some of his principles which include: giving recognition to less visible but no less important team members; maintain composure through authenticity; and his focus on constantly developing others with early opportunity. His advice is ambitious, effective and proven in some of the most dangerous regions of the past two decades.
In 2017 Marc experienced a traumatic brain injury in Moscow from a directed energy attack. He discusses the doubts he had to negotiate, his treatment, art therapy, and advice to others who may be similarly afflicted.
We wrap up with a timely discussion of Havana Syndrome. What is it? Who is likely responsible? What are the initial symptoms that tell you to 'Get off the X.' Marc decisively negotiates the Dirty Dozen questions with aplomb. Results? He's definitely tip-of-the-spear material.
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