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Gin and Topic

Skegness & Impostor Syndrome

Season 1, Ep. 6

This week we’re drinking Skegness Gin while talking to Kate Atkin!

Kate is a professional speaker, trainer and facilitator who specialises – and is currently studying for a PhD in - Imposter Syndrome. 

Or should we say… phenomenon. That’s right, our topic ‘Imposter Syndrome’ is the only Syndrome that isn’t a Syndrome! Try saying that five times fast… 

You can find Kate on Twitter @KateAtkin, and while you’re there you can follow us @TopicGin, and the same on Instagram.

But for now, pour yourself a glass, settle down, and join us. Cheers! 

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  • 4. Tasting Isle of Harris

    Welcome to the Gin & Topic tasting roomThis week we’re tasting Isle of Harris gin with our guest Dr Will J BrownlieCheers! 
  • 3. Caorunn & Swamp Methane

    We’re back in the swamps this week but don’t worry, there’s no sign of Shrek.Our guest is Dr Carole Helfter, an Environmental physicist and Group Leader in Biosphere-Atmosphere Exchange and Effects at the UK Centre for Ecology & Hydrology. She’s going to be talking to us all about Swamp Methane and answering the burning question: Where does it come from and why should we care?Cheers!
  • 3. Tasting Caorunn

    Welcome to the Gin & Topic tasting roomThis week we’re tasting Caorunn with our guest Dr Carole Helfter Cheers! 
  • 2. Dà Mhìle & Plankton Physics

    Plankton Physics, two words that on their own we have some knowledge about. Together? Not a clue. But why should you care about plankton?This week’s guest is going to tell us. We’re joined by Russell Arnott - Marine biologist; oceanographer; science presenter and director of Incredible Oceans CIC, a marine education non-profit organisation. Pour yourself a glass of gin – we’ve gone with Dà Mhìle this week – and join us all in a toast. Here’s to Thankton Plankton! Cheers
  • 2. Tasting Dà Mhìle

    Welcome to the Gin & Topic tasting roomThis week we’re tasting Dà Mhìle with our guest Russell ArnottCheers! 
  • 1. Moonshot & Sex in Space

    We’re back and it’s out of this world!This week’s guest is Professor of Astrobiology and Space Biotechnology at Cranfield University, David C. Cullen, and he’s got a great one for us…. Is the emerging space tourism sector taking seriously the possibility of human conception occurring during spaceflight and considering the consequences and mitigation strategies?Something to consider if you’re planning on booking a space flight this weekend.Cheers 
  • 1. Tasting Moonshot

    Welcome to the Gin & Topic tasting roomThis week we’re tasting Moonshot with out guest David C. CullenCheers!
  • What we had & What we heard

    Celebrating the end of the series with a little team get togetherAnd the rare sound of Ben's voice!Join us as we sip our various tipples and chat about the gins and the topics that we've enjoyed this seriesCheers
  • Extra Shots & Bloopers

    Of course we couldn't end a series without a few extras.So here's some extra shots from a few of the episodes and our bloopers along the way.EnjoyCheers!