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Gyre and Gimble & Children's Literature

Season 2, Ep. 9

This week we’re talking all thing’s children’s literature, with a focus on the question: are we representing the diversities of life enough? 

We’ll be joined by Dr. B.J. Epstein, who is a senior lecturer in Literature and Translation in the School of Literature, Drama and Creative Writing at University of East Anglia. 

B.J will also join us in a glass of Gyre and Gimble’s Queen of Hearts cherry gin as we chat


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  • Another Round & Some Memories Found

    To celebrate the end of series 6, the Gin & Topic family just had to have a little get together… want to join us? Let’s look back on the series and chat about everything we learnt with another round of particular favourites from the tasting room to keep us hydratedFor the final time this series… cheers!
  • Clink & Oops Series 6 Bloops

    You’d think that six series in we might have less bloopers to share with you. Think again!As per tradition, here are all our ‘sorry Ben’s’ and technical fuck ups for you all to enjoy. Including a few from our guests…Cheers! 
  • Series 6 Top Ups

    This series we’ve been joined by nine wonderful experts, each one with their own topic. But we always end up chatting away with our guests for far too long…So, join us this week for a little treat. From extra topic gems to chats about just how our experts ended up in their roles, here are the bits that we couldn’t squeeze into the main show! Cheers! 
  • Tasting A Little More From Series 6

    Welcome to the Gin & Topic tasting roomThis week we’re having a few extra shots from the seriesCheers! 
  • 9. Everleaf & CRISPR

    CRISPR! No, it’s nothing to do with crisps… What is it, you ask? Well, that’s what this week is all about.We’re joined by Soren Hough, a writer and a scientist who completed a PhD in Biochemistry at Cambridge. He has been working with, and writing about, CRISPR since 2014 and is currently a Visiting Scientist in the DNA repair laboratory of Prof Sir Steve Jackson. So really there’s nobody better to answer: CRISPR: What is it, why is it both amazing and scary, and what does this new technological power mean for society?Sit back, relax, grab a gin and get ready to have your mind boggled. Cheers!
  • 9. Tasting Everleaf

    Welcome to the Gin & Topic tasting roomThis week we’re tasting Everleaf Marine with our guest Soren HoughCheers! 
  • 8. Clean G & Kids Environment and Health

    What environment do you like to listen to us in? We hope you haven’t got kids around, there’s an explicit warning for a reason! Although maybe this week, you should at least keep them in mind.We’re joined by Pia Hardelid, a Professor of Epidemiology at the University College London. Pia is leading a project called the Kids’ Environment and Health Cohort which is setting up a new national data resource for research into how the local environment affects children’s health as they grow up in England. She’s going to help us answer the question: how can we understand the relationship between children’s health and the environments they grow up in? Join us to find out more. Cheers! 
  • 8. Tasting Clean G

    Welcome to the Gin & Topic tasting roomThis week we’re tasting Clean G with our guest Pia HardelidCheers! 
  • 7. Never Never & Science Integrity

    We’ve talked sharing science this series but how do you know that the science you’re reading isn’t as fake as a love island star’s teeth? This week we’re joined by Dr Simone Cuff, a biomedical researcher who currently works with a major scientific publisher checking scientific papers for research integrity issues and signs of fraud. She’s going to tell us all about the incentives that mean people who have dedicated their lives to the pursuit of truth… twist it. We promise, this is all true. Cheers!