Hometown Glory: Spurs x Culture


“The Show Goes On”

Season 2, Ep. 22

Spurs might not be particularly good, but at least we’re not West Ham bad. Billie, Charlie, Rosa and (especially) Tom celebrate a nicely straightforward 2-0 home win full of heartwarming moments for Hometown Glory favourites—and give Cristian Stellini his tactical flowers. Attentions then turn to another big London derby at the Tottenham Hotspur Stadium as we wonder if we’ll ever have a better chance to see off Chelsea (and if so, why are we all quite so nervous about this game?). There’s also a Cup game for Spurs Women to preview, plus an award-winning rant about the Eveliina Summanen-Ella Toone “fuckery”. Oh, and culture picks! Lovely culture picks! 

If you fancy skipping to certain bits:

00:00 — West Ham, Emerson, Gentle Ben and Richy

34:05 — Chelsea preview

48:30 — Spurs Women

57:20 — Culture!

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  • 31. “Chaos Walking”

    Is it small time to celebrate That Lot absolutely bottling* the title? Doesn’t matter, we do it anyway, because there really isn’t that much else to enjoy this week. Billie indulges Rosa in more Ryan Mason chat than the loss at Villa probably deserves, before we assess the next candidates for the managerial merry go round. There’s some hot Sporting Director chat, a look ahead at next weekend’s double header and the match that will decide the fate of Spurs Women, and of course our culture picks. *sorry, exceeding all expectations, they honestly didn’t think they were going to do it, they’re just so proud of their team and their special bond, it’s definitely definitely not the biggest bottling in PL historyFollow us on Twitter: @_HometownGloryThe team on Twitter: Ash, Billie, Charlie, Rosa and Tom... And we're on Instagram: @_hometownglorygram
  • 30. “What Have You Got To Lose”

    We're back! Well, maybe not back-back, but Ryan Mason's functional lilywhites are still a very welcome sight. The full Hometown Glory team convene to assess the first few games of The (Second) Mason Era, applaud his tactical jiggery-pokery and big calls, and ask the big question: Should we be considering Ryan for the permanent job? Rosa makes her heartfelt case for Team Mason... but is anyone else there yet? Elsewhere, we ask if everything's OK with Harry Kane, consider who we' nick off relegated clubs, look ahead to the double-header at the stadium for the huge Spurs Women relegation showdown and, of course, hand over some brilliant culture recommendations. If you fancy skipping to certain bits:00:00 — Mason so far19:25 — Harold Kane33:15 — Raiding relegated clubs38:20 — Villa43:24 — Spurs Women52:00 — Culture picksFollow us on Twitter: @_HometownGloryThe team on Twitter: Ash, Billie, Charlie, Rosa and Tom... And we're on Instagram: @_hometownglorygram
  • 29. “Why Didn’t You Tell Me”

    Billie, Charlie and Rosa react to news of Mauricio Pochettino's journey to the dark side. What stage of grief are we all at? Just how mad are we with Poch? Will it prompt Rosa to quit football forever? Speaking of betrayals, Billie goes through your suggestions for ultimate coys betrayals in a Rolling In the Tweets special that sounds (very) bleak but will raise your spirits (we promise). Oh, and there's another Spurs manager packing his bags! We consider how Cristian Stellini was ever left in charge, ask what comes next and break down that (latest) open letter from “Daniel”. There's also time to mull over a big point for Spurs Women in their relegation battle and an enormous upcoming fixture against Brighton at the Tottenham Hotspur Stadium, plus some lovely culture picks. COYS, HG.Follow us on Twitter: @_HometownGloryThe team on Twitter: Ash, Billie, Charlie, Rosa and Tom... And we're on Instagram: @_hometownglorygram
  • 28. “Cold Little Heart”

    We're back! Ash, Charlie, Rosa and Tom get deep in their coys feelings to survey the wreckage of a Bournemouth defeat that captures the toxic nature of Spurs right now. We cover the appalling treatment of Davinson Sánchez, ask how we got to a place where we can't even control possession at home to Bournemouth and wonder why the board seem to have simply given up on this season. The (leisurely) managerial hunt is covered—with the team debating the merits of bringing home Mauricio Pochettino—as is the treacherous run of upcoming fixtures. We also look to a tough weekend for Spurs Women before turning in our latest culture picks. If you fancy skipping to certain bits:00:00 — Bournemouth10:15 — Dav 😔29:30 — Managerial hunt and the next few fixtures51:45 — Spurs Women53:35 — Culture!Follow us on Twitter: @_HometownGloryThe team on Twitter: Ash, Billie, Charlie, Rosa and Tom... And we're on Instagram: @_hometownglorygram
  • 27. “The Journey”

    We’re joined by Caroline and Rachel of the brilliant N17 Women podcast to highlight Spurs Women. We try to avoid getting granular about another North London derby defeat and instead take a long look at the state of things post the Rehanne Skinner sacking. Are we going to survive? How did we end up here? What do we want the future to look like? We vent our frustrations but also take time to celebrate some unlikely as well obvious standouts of the season. All that, and explosive culture picks too. 
  • 26. “Dead Again”

    What is up with Tottenham Hotspur? It's a timeless, impossible question, but one that Billie, Charlie and Rosa take on in a special episode. We break things down into four “buckets”: Antonio Conte, his players, our club's board and us, the fans. What blame can be apportioned out to each? Can we defend Antonio's iconic rant? Is criticism of “club culture” fair? Why, essentially, are we like this? We try to look at things from all sides—and wonder what comes next.
  • 25. “It’s Not Over Yet”

    We all care about top four again, we guess? Ash, Billie, Rosa and Tom put the Milan game in the bin and our dreams of glory away for another year. But we’re determined to enjoy the rest of the season as much as we can, and thank the gods for giving us a newly-galvanised Richarlison and Pedro Porro not a moment too soon. Elsewhere, we discuss the sad but inevitable sacking of Rehanne Skinner. Is relegation avoidable or have Spurs Women totally screwed this up? (That’s not a rhetorical question, honest.) Finally, Billie celebrates the Oscars doing the right thing. Joy and redemption is possible! Your move, Tottenham. 
  • 24. “Shrinking”

    Rosa, Billie and Tom attempt to unpack two miserable defeats in the Cup and league. We then rouse ourselves (sort of) for previews of the Milan and Forest games, and (it’s that time again!) look ahead to a new manager—talking Poch and getting your alternative boss ideas in Rolling In the Tweets. Plus there’s a Spurs Women update and some uplifting (we promise!) TV and movie chat (Billie watched Cocaine Bear!).
  • 23. “That’s What I Like”

    Like London buses… we bag a second, confident derby win. Billie, Rosa and Tom discuss unlikely goal scorers, Richarlison and Kane, Ben Davies reaching 300 games and marvel at how bad Chelsea are. The team also preview Sheffield United in the FA Cup, and reflect on the women’s Cup loss. And there’s culture!