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Let’s Talk Marketing: A Conversation with David Reibstein

Season 1, Ep. 9

Take a fascinating journey into the world of marketing. In this episode, David Reibstein (professor, author, and all-around marketing expert) discusses metrics, brand values, and the concept of socially responsible marketing. Good marketing is good for business. But can great marketing be good for society? Find out.

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  • 10. Revising Risk Assessment: How Happy Mango Is Creating More Equitable Access to Financial Services

    Banks and credit unions have traditionally relied on credit scores to determine the risk-level of individuals seeking loans and other financial services. But that's prevented banks and credit unions from serving those with little to no credit, such as immigrants, refugees, and others. After the financial crisis in 2008, Kate Hao left her job to change how things have done. Now, thanks to her company, Happy Mango, banks and credit unions can better serve their communities, and individuals are enjoying more equitable access to cashflow services.
  • CONVERSATIONS: The 74&WEST Exclusives Podcast Trailer

    We're known throughout our industry for our client intelligence work. Asking questions, having conversations, finding the story---it's what we do, and it's how we get our deep, actionable insights. We've taken that knack for asking thoughtful, unexpected questions and we've applied it to our podcast, featuring thought leaders and industry experts. Get a glimpse here with this teaser!
  • 8. The Economics Episode with Robert Shapiro

    For this year, we’re looking at a budget shortfall of about $3 trillion, and a level of total government debt greater than 90% of GDP, a level we haven’t seen since WWII. Is this debt endangering the economy and the markets? Or are there other threats? 74&WEST Exclusives producer Derek Burnett spoke with economist Dr. Robert Shapiro, founder of Sonecon, Inc., which provides economic policy and market analysis to many Fortune 100 companies and leading nonprofit institutions. Dr. Shapiro also advises senior members of Congress and the Biden Administration. He served as undersecretary of commerce for economic affairs in the Clinton White House, and has been an economic advisor to presidential candidates Al Gore, John Kerry, Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama. He’s currently on the faculty of the Georgetown University School of Business.
  • 7. Powerful: A Discussion about Energy and Equity with Donnel Baird

    The American power grid is failing, and the climate is changing; meanwhile, access to heating and cooling is anything but equal. As Donnel Baird, founder and CEO of BlocPower explains, there's a cleaner and better way to keep people warm in the winter and cool in the summer. It's the intersection of efficiency, equity, and the environment.
  • 6. Demystified: The "E" in ESG with Leslie Harwell

    Co-founder and managing partner of Alante Capital (a venture capital fund), Leslie Harwell takes us on a deep dive into the E of ESG. Alante is investing in companies that can revolutionize the apparel industry. Leslie explains how fashion can be stylish, sustainable, and profitable.
  • 5. Demystified: The "G" in ESG with Luke Dixon

    With about 20 years experience, Luke Dixon is an expert on ESG. In particular, the "G" of ESG, which stands for "governance." In this episode, he gives an overview of ESG, its evolution, why good governance is critical, and how economic conditions may have created the perfect environment for ESG to go mainstream. Plus: he tells his incredible firsthand and inside account of the Bernie Madoff scandal.
  • 4. Demystified: Ad Tech with special guest, Crystal Eastman

    Ad Tech is an industry that directly impacts nearly all of us. Yet, it's also shrouded in mystery. In this episode of the 74&WEST Exclusives podcast, we speak with Crystal Eastman, Head of Global Marketing for one of the biggest names in ad tech: The Trade Desk, the world’s leading independent demand side platform (DSP). In this enlightening interview, Crystal explains what ad-tech is, why the ads you see are surprisingly relevant to you, and how advertisers bid in real time for a coveted commercial break coming up in a matter of moments just to get in front of you (yes, you). She also tells us about her unique role marketing to marketers and how her background at financial services powerhouses has prepared her for leading and executing marketing efforts at The Trade Desk. This is ad tech, demystified.
  • 3. Michael McDermott and the Importance of Place and Space

    Michael McDermott is a Director at the market-leading corporate real estate firm Cushman & Wakefield. In this fascinating discussion, he leverages his unique perspective to bring to light some of the less-pondered ramifications of the pandemic: why offices matter, what traditional physical workplaces offer to society at large, and why working from home might not be the best long-term solution. He also gives his outlook for the question on everyone's minds: when--and whether--we're likely to see a return to pre-COVID working arrangements.