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Scoochpod - 042 The Robin Hermansen story!

Whenever you discuss sheet metal talents in Norway one of the first names that come up is Robin Hermansen from Larkollen! The next sentence is usually "he used to work at Boyd Coddington". We couldn't resist talking with such a respected craftsman, and hear how this journey started! And don't worry this gets nerdy! We talk about how he developed a keen interest as a little kid in his fathers body shop, and how he ended up at Bernt Karlssons doorstep in California in 1994. From his time at Bernt's he went to the sheet metal wizard Urs Gretener and learned from one of the best. Until the day Urs picked up the phone and heard Boyd Coddington say: I want to talk with Robin! From there on we talk about legends like Roy Schmidt, Chip Foose, Kalle & Valle. We talk about the inner life of Boyd Coddington hot rods and about how you get that perfect finish. This is a podcast with Norwegian language.

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