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Scoochpod - 018 Hans Jørgen Kristensen

Good things comes to those who dare to try something new. Our guest Hans Jørgen has never been a one trick pony, he is just about to turn seventy years old and has a long and diverse motoring life to look back on. From reading Hot Rod magazines at a early age it all started with tuned VW bugs and Formula Vee's that lead right in to muscle car era with a small block Barracuda and building Hot Rods!  Then he raced and built a track oriented Camaro for the NARS series, before starting a new racing life by building a 1300cc Ford Escort MK1 for the Historic racing series. Where he is still active to this day. This one is a long one, but trust us, it's worth it! This is a podcast with Norwegian language.

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