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Scoochpod - 024 Kjell Arne Løver

Kjell Arne Løver has a long history of hot rodding American cars, and it all started when bought a Chevy Nova at sixteen, for which his mother kicked him out! He was let back in again after a few days and since then he has been on the hunt for ever bigger engines and wider tires! After countless builds he set out to build the dream hot rod in the footsteps of little John Buttera and Boyd Coddington! After a few rods projects he finally found home in the Pro Touring movement, a style that could be described as a show-standard classic American car, built to handle with the best cars out there. We're talking full custom chassis, eight-piston brakes and massive wheels with sticky tires. And a modern engine with all the drivability of a new car... whats not to like? We get in to the history of this style, the racing and talk about some of the names in the scene. This is a podcast with Norwegian language.

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