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Scoochpod - 037 Take a stance!

In this podcast we talk with Folke Vogn Haug Pettersen about his early days in Blommenholm with low and wide bugs with hot engines. He tells us how he found his trusty black VW 1963 type 1 and saw the light in the form of Cal-look! Then he takes us on a trip back to the early days of American VW hotroding in California to explain where it all started, with Jo Vittones European Motor Products, Incorporated (EMPI) and how the Inch Pincher gasser would inspire generations of underdogs to come! We get in to the early clubs and how the Cal-look became so recognized, and a institution around the world. This is more or less a trip back to the big bang of Volkswagen hotrodding!  This is a podcast with Norwegian language.

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