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How to Draw Smoke Easy - Step-by-Step Tutorial

If you want to try a new art challenge and create something more complicated on paper, this post – will teach you how to draw smoke. The tutorial explains which instruments you need to draw realistic smoke with pencil and offers step-by-step instructions on how to make your drawing look professional. Actually, this technique is an easy thin so that any beginning artist can handle it. Check it out!


0:33 Necessary Instruments

0:59 Step 1: Basis of Smoke

1:23 Step 2: Add Few Wisps of Smoke

1:50 Step 3: Shading Main Streams

2:20 Step 4: Draw Swirling Smoke in Upper Part

2:48 Step 5: Additional Hatchwork

3:17 Step 6: Finishing Details

3:54 Sum Up

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