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Getting out ahead of it

To be a deliberate creator of your own realityYou have to learn how to get out ahead of itOut ahead of negative emotions…Out ahead of triggering thoughts…Out ahead of situations that you know you don’t want to repeat and that you know you want a different outcomeAs a powerful creator, you can do this by being intentional with your thinking, intentional with what you create and intentional with what you allowI implement this technique in all areas of life, like my marriage and motherhood, when I get out ahead of situations that I know will trigger unwanted things by setting myself up vibrational and energetically beforehand to not attract those situations againAnd I am doing it now by getting out ahead of 2021!For years I would set an income goal for the year and then I would spend all year trying to hit that goalBut after many years of doing this I realized I didn’t want to do that anymoreI wanted to get out of ahead of it and have my income goal on the books BEFORE I even started the yearInstead of working IN my business for the year to hit the goalI want to work ON my business for the year without the pressure of having to work every month trying to do itThe best way I’ve aligned to do this is with a high ticket group program because in just 90 days or less you can fill out a group program with just 10-15 people and generate $30K-$50K a month for the next year!!To check out the Lucrative & Leveraged Ladyboss Club visit out this video and let me know if you are picking up what I’m putting down and if I can support you getting out ahead of your 2021! Let’s go!!!!

2 Phases Most Women Entrepreneurs Go Through

Welcome to Rich Girl Radio, Where I give you the business!It is your girl, Danielle Murrell, business coach to savvy women entrepreneurs who desire a simpler way to scale and to create a feminine business by design.On today’s episode we are going to be talking about2 Phases Most Women Entrepreneurs Go Through#1 Trying to figure out how to make money in their business#2 How to make money in their business in a way they loveThe first phase is all about trying to figure out how to make their business make money so they can do it full time and hit their income goalsThen there comes a point where you know how to make money in your business but now you want to figure out how to do it in a way that you love.Usually when they have outgrown or burnt out of their business modelBecome intentionally about the lifestyle they want to live and how to create a business that supports that. Building your business around life.That’s where I’m in my business and where I am supporting women as well.I know how to make money but now I want to make sure what I am building is flexible and scalable with the most ease and path of least resistance.I’ve seen people scale and lose it all and come all the way back down.Because the way they built their business wasn’t something they could energetically keep up with.We are on the leading edge of entrepreneurship.More people than ever are starting…We are sifting and sorting collectively, deciding what we don’t like and what we do like and calling in new ways to do business to support our ever expanding desires.What a time to be alive!!!I say that all the time and people are like how can you say that with all going on butI don’t focus on what is going on, I only focus on what I want to see.What I want to create!So let me ask you what stage are you in?Are you just trying to figure it out or are you now in the place to build a business you truly love?Either way, start now!If you are a woman business coach who is looking for support to uplevel into your next level you, desire a simpler way to scale and to create a feminine business by design book a complimentary session at