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How to Build a Lifestyle Business Hosting Remotely

Ep. 496

Wouldn't it be great to be able to operate your STR business from anywhere while you travel and explore the world?

True freedom is being able to operate your business from anywhere you are or feel like waking up in the morning. But is that really possible? And if so, what are the pros and cons?

Sean McGregor is the Chief Experience Officer at Stay Work and Play. A digital nomad, Sean loves working remotely while traveling with his family. He's an Airbnb Superhost with over 2500 reviews and a 4.96 overall rating. His hosting story appears in the book Hospitable Hosts: Inspiring & Memorable Stories From Airbnb Hosts Around The World To Educate & Motivate.

On this episode of Get Paid for Your Pad, Sean joins me to discuss how he turned his STR business into a lifestyle business hosting remotely with property owners all over the country—most he's never even met in person.

Listen in as Sean shares how his business took off after he completed Legends X. He'll walk us through the tips and tools he learned from the program that have helped him hold fast to the goal he lives by for his digital nomad family and his ambitious host oath.

Plus, the business hacks he uses so that anyone on his team can successfully replace him in the day-to-day of running his STR business.

If you're interested in growing your business, we have a few spots in our next Legends X STR Accelerator class. Don't wait—Apply Now! Plus, our new FREE training: The Step-By-Step Plan for Scaling Your Airbnb Business to $1M and Beyond.

Topics Covered

  • The hacks Sean uses to put his business on autopilot so that he can live location independent with his family
  • 2 processes Sean put in place to achieve his high bar host oath
  • Why putting yourself into a traveler's mindset will help you deliver the best guest experience possible
  • How he overcame the challenges of renting places he's never seen
  • The two-pronged discovery process Sean uses to ensure his guests leave a 5-star review
  • How he's addressing owner issues while smoothing things out for his team
  • Why Sean thinks his location anywhere lifestyle has helped him work with more owners
  • The #1 thing that helps him stay prepared for the curveballs that come up in his STR business
  • Why his goal is to help other STR hosts become digital nomads

Connect with Sean

Sean on LinkedIn


Scaling a Remote Co-Hosting Business While Maintaining a 5-Star Guest with Sean McGregor (Ep390)

The Step-By-Step Plan For Scaling Your Airbnb Business to $1M and Beyond

Hospitable Hosts: Inspiring & Memorable Stories From Airbnb Hosts Around The World To Educate & Motivate


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"The people who are crazy enough to think they can change the world are the ones who do." — Steve Jobs Every single human has the same number of hours in a day. But high-achieving enterprising individuals such as Kevin Hart, Elon Musk, and Tim Kennedy seem to make better use of their time, exploring what's next while investing in the now to make the impossible possible. So, what's the difference between them and you and me? It's all about the decisions we make! On this episode of STR Conversations, Eric and I discuss the 3 things you need to achieve more significant results in your business and life with less effort. We'll share an update on the hotel purchase process, and our recently discovered insight into the two-pronged challenge of buying existing STR properties or other businesses. Tune in as we discuss what you need to focus on to achieve the biggest ROI on your investment in your business. We'll walk you through the 2 qualities the most successful people share and delve deep into how you too can obtain your true vision for your business. Listen in as we share the key components of the host vision map and the steps to take to make it a reality. Plus, we share some success stories from our Legends X students and offer tips for our listeners on celebrating your wins to help you stay the course to your success. Class 5 of Legends X begins October 17th - Right now, we're offering a $500 discount on the program for fast action takers. APPLY NOW! Topics Covered The key difference between acquiring real estate and acquiring a businessWhy it's VITAL to determine your end goal or exit strategy in the beginning (especially when working with investors)The 3 things you need to build BIGGER for the futureWhere you get the biggest ROI on your investment in your businessWhy the vision pillar is the first pillar of the Legends X programThe key components of the Host Vision MapWhat consistency really requiresHow celebrating the small wins can keep you on target on your trek toward your BIG goalsHow to formulate a holistic approach to obtaining your BIG visionResources  American GluttonLegends X Short-Term Rental AcceleratorFREE Airbnb Starter GuideGet Paid for Your Pad NewsletterSubscribe to GPFYP on Apple PodcastsReview Get Paid For Your Pad on Apple PodcastsSTR Legends MastermindEmail jasper@getpaidforyourpad.comSponsored ByLegends X Short-Term Rental Accelerator