cover art for 278: The Innermost. ❤️ (A wrestling)

That's What She Said

278: The Innermost. ❤️ (A wrestling) which you hear my final wrestling with 2023 plans before the refining, sales-page-making, marketing-campaign-planning bits begin. Here are my motivations and doubts and weirdnesses and hopes, all present so you can witness my Before-It's-Perfect creative process.

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  • 297: In My IDGAF Era

    23:59 which I tell the tale of heckling a man with a gun and then let that story lead to the general tale of 2024: my IDGAF era. ;) There's always more of That's What She Said at
  • 296: Reporting from Toothpaste (recorded Nov. 2023)

    24:50 which I walk through all the ways I've started to dig out of burnout. And what I've been learning along the way. Listen in if late-stage capitalism isn't currently your favorite. ;)
  • 295: Rob Bell is in the house! 📚🛸⚡️

    58:34 which I talk all things grief, joy, life, death, and Where'd You Park Your Spaceship with the one and only Rob Bell. Grab the 1st 100 pages of Where'd You Park Your Spaceship here.
  • 294: The Wall of NO. (Innermost = canceled 😬)

    19:01 which my latest creation encounters a solid WALL OF NO...and I walk you through what happens next. ;)
  • 293: Taboo Time! Trust w/Rachel Clifton

    35:03 which we explore some of the (quite) vulnerable ways trust comes into play when bringing an act of creation into the world. There are universal experiences that entrepreneurs face, and we're sharing them in real time. EEKS. The Innermost is for exploring the taboo portions of being a female entrepreneur and letting your wild, untamed, and completely magnificent self loose in your business. Check out The Innermost here.
  • 292: Taboo Time! Exploring Softness w/Rachel Clifton

    44:02 which the chief mischief makers of The Innermost, Kristen Kalp and Rachel Clifton, talk about all the ways softness can show up, be cultivated, and benefit our lives in myriad ways. (Also why softness is SO FRIGGIN HARD to access in modern day, 2023 culture around the world.) Taboo Time is a taste of the general romping-through-the-taboos vibe we're bringing to our event, The Innermost, which is coming to Asbury Park, NJ this November! Take a look if you experienced conditioning meant for females and want to learn to identify and then avoid the pitfalls that conditioning causes in your work and your business. 🔥 Take a look at The Innermost!
  • 291: Taboo Time! Showing Up w/Rachel Clifton

    54:59 which The Innermost mischief makers Rachel Clifton and myself talk about the fine art of Showing Up, and how very difficult and awkward and terrible that is sometimes. We discuss the standards we set for ourselves around showing up, and how to let more of ourselves be seen on all fronts. Taboos live at the heart of The Innermost! It's a live event going down in Asbury Park, NJ, this November, for female business owners who want to drop the shitty conditioning given to females -- and stop it from fucking with their businesses, starting NOW. 🧚🏻‍♀️ Check out The Innermost!
  • 290: Taboo Time! The Lonely w/Rachel Clifton

    39:13 which I talk all things TABOO about being lonely -- as a human and as an entrepreneur -- with Rachel Clifton. We're the chief mischief makers for The Innermost, a live experience of tiptoeing through allllll the business taboos that's coming your way this November in Asbury Park, NJ. We'll help you UnGoodGirl your business with great joy -- and of course, feel less lonely -- so check out the details here!
  • 289: The Innermost Curriculum // NAVIGATION 🛳

    33:57 which we talk about how to navigate owning and operating a business -- OUTSIDE of good girl conditioning. This is a preview of The Innermost curriculum! The Innermost is a live event dedicated to helping you UnGoodGirl Your Business this November in Asbury Park, New Jersey. 🧚🏻 Details and invitation live here, check it out!