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Live from the Wharton People Analytics Conference 2018

Business Radio Special: Cade Massey is Live from the Wharton People Analytics Conference 2018, where he interviews attendees about what data influences organizations when making employee decisions such as hiring/firing, organizational structure, assessing culture, etc. Interviewees: Elena Botelho, Partner at ghSMART and Author of "The CEO Next Door"; Steve Kaplan, Professor of Entrepreneurship and Finance at University of Chicago's Booth School of Business; Brad Grant, VP of Baseball Operations, Strategy & Administration for the Cleveland Indians; and Michael Metzger, Senior Managing Director at Teach for America.

Over two days, Wharton PAC’s speakers, panel discussions, and competitions provide a unique opportunity to learn from industry and academic leaders through thought provoking sessions. Learn how the latest research connects to organizational decision making and engage in discussions with leading practitioners.


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