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Finger Lickin'

Ep. 154

Dylan pulls a fast one on Sean to get the show to a soapy start. Then Sean recounts his experiences from the Swedish kids birthday circuit. Meanwhile, Rodney has been able to track down some KFC in between his mom saying hello to every stranger. Plus, he is starting to prepare for his transition into being an empty nester. 

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  • 167. A Reunion for the Ages

    The 2 Guys are reunited once again for a special 4 year PODIVERSARY! Sean and Rodney get back behind the mics to talk about all of the latest developments in their lives since the last episode. We've got pallets of Spam, shortages of syrup, U.S. prices inflating to Stockholm levels, seasonal semlor and of course some weather talk. Join us!Please leave us a review if you haven't done so already. It helps other listeners to find our podcast.
  • 166. End of an Era

    It was a beautiful ride while it lasted. We love the support of all of our fans, but after the 2 Guys were separated by an ocean, it just doesn't feel quite the same. We're taking the opportunity to explore new journeys. Don't worry though, Sean and Rodney will stay in touch and trade crazy dollar store and grocery store shots. Thank you all who tuned it, you're just as part of the show as us. But for now, these are 2 Guys signing off.
  • 165. Bienvenido a Miami

    It's official, Sean made it to sunny Miami. The 3-oh-5. The Magic City. The Capital of Latin America (so close to the US). He tells Rodney all about the moving experience, including the trip over, getting an amazing new (used) car, and adjusting to life stateside. Find out what it feels like to be a stranger in your own land.
  • 164. Adios STHLM

    It's finally time for Sean to pack up and head back home to Miami, Florida. It's been a wild 5 years, but even good things must come to an end. Sean gives updates on packing, and some of the trades he has made to get rid of his stuff before moving. Plus, the two guys recount the raucous time they had at the American Club's Third Thursday event. It was real, and it was fantastic.
  • 163. Love and Blunder

    Sean opens the show with a couple of announcements that Dylan has requested to be aired. Then, he recaps his work retreat to Barcelona. Plus, Rodney heads to the barracks, and he experiences incredible highs (a very special avocado) and some lows (the latest Thor movie). 
  • 162. A Passport is a Document

    Rodney finally has his Swedish passport!! (Woohoo!) He gives Sean the lowdown on what it’s like and how he confronts doorways now that he is officially Swedish. Also, Sean recaps a weekend getaway to Croatia, complete with crystal clear waters and amazing people. Plus, Sean describes what it’s like to travel internationally with a newly (mostly) potty trained toddler. 
  • 161. International Men of Mystery

    Sean starts of the show with the latest details of selling his home, how it's done and what comes next. Meanwhile, Rodney keeps losing stuff that goes on his head. At least he finally (finally!) got his official Swedish passport, though. Also, the latest movie picks and Rodney's favorite kebab. What is a kebab anyway?
  • 160. They DO Exist!

    Sean and Rodney finally meet up in Nynäs for an epic Hawaiian spread of BBQ. Spoiler alert, it was delicious. Rodney starts the show, though, with updates on his recent viewing habits including someone with a certain need. A need for speed. Plus, Sean gives some updates on house selling, while Rodney recaps the Stockholm 5 walking challenge.
  • Hoppapalooza 2022 SPECIAL

    Rodney has a special Hoppapalooza 2022 pre-event interview with Jeffrey Scott Brown, past guest (ep 123), owner of South Plains Brewing Co and the man behind Hoppapalooza. Scheduled for Saturday, August 27th, 2022 in Beijer's Park, Malmö, this is the post COVID return of this popular craft beer event. Rodney and Jeffrey discuss a brief history of the event, what to expect this year and also some interesting background on non-alcoholic brewing and upcoming South Plains Brewing Co holiday releases.For more information about Hoppapalooza 2022, please visit: Plains Brewing Co: 123 w/Jeffrey Scott Brown: