cover art for Level 7: A Portal to Hell

Player Zero

Level 7: A Portal to Hell

Season 1, Ep. 7

Seeking a respite from the radioactive wasteland, the gang jumps through a suspicious portal. They are immediately ensconced in a deadly and hilarious game of cat & mouse with the ever-inventive and quite mad AI entity known only as MadOS. We have fun with portals, less fun with lasers, and even yet less fun with poisonous gas.

Special Guest: Jaimie Wilder (as MadOS)

Player Zero: Adam Aragon

Johnny Chaotic: Joe Krol

Roman the Robot: Alex Cohen

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  • 1. Level 1: The Kushroom Mingdom

    Welcome to Zero Podcast. In today's episode Player Zero meets with his companions. Johnny Chaotic is a Glitch in the System with unknown powers that moves between worlds. Roman the Robot is a Tutorial on his first day, and he's having a rough time of it. Together they explore the Kushroom Mingdom, earn some face-coins, murder a turtle, and discover another world, also what's up with all those tubes?Player Zero: Adam AragonJohnny Chaotic: Joe KrolRoman the Robot: Alex CohenMusic: Colter ClineEdited & Produced by: Adam AragonEmail us:
  • 2. Level 2: The Craftworld of War

    Still stuck in the metaverse the plucky trio of Player Zero, Johnny Chaotic and Roman the Robot have traveled to the "Craftworld of War" where they meet Shandy McScrubbrush who shows them a card game, how to craft & auction, and how to kill some demons. Also we get eaten by a giant rabbit and turned into ghosts. So there's that. Enjoy the adventures of the Craftworld of War (CoW)Shandy McScrubbrush: Matlock Zumsteg (Special Guest)Player Zero: Adam AragonJohnny Chaotic: Joe KrolRoman the Robot: Alex CohenMusic: Colter ClineEdited & Produced by: Adam AragonEmail us:
  • 3. Level 3: Trapped in the Void

    Johnny breaks a homestone and gets everyone trapped in the void. They find out what happened to Carmen San Diego and all the forgotten games & characters from yesteryear. They meet a mysterious old man who seems very familiar. There's a lot of swords, a lot of void, and hijinks ensue. Also you find out what happens when you don't build your sim cities correctly... Just remember the Legend of Cavey Dave. It's dangerous to go alone. Take This.
  • 4. Level 4: Sorry - We are in Another Castle

    After a harrowing trip the void, Johnny shows us his favorite bar called "Another Castle" we get to hear Bowser's State of the Mingdom, and we run right into the girl of Roman's dreams, and Johnny's nightmare - Cortana. She tells us all about her massive crush on the "Master Chef" and the Player Zero crew gets a little, well a lot, drunk.I apologize in advance, but the whole crew is in "Another Castle"
  • 5. Level 5: CastleTransVania

    Johnny drunkenly stumbles through a warp tube into the dark and forbidding land of CastleTransVania. The strange and erotic home of the Belmont family and Dracula himself. They meet with "Jeff" Belmont, the lesser known and somewhat less famous brother to Simon Belmont. We find out about the dark family history involving whips and BDSM, and meet the legendary Count Dracula. Who is not what we expected. Also... watch out for Legion.Jeff Belmont: Kevin JonesDracula: Joe KrolPlayer Zero: Adam AragonJohnny Chaotic: Joe KrolRoman the Robot: Alex CohenMusic: Colter ClineEdited & Produced by: Adam AragonEmail us:
  • 6. Level 6: Fallout of the Sky

    We Fallout of the sky and land in a Radioactive wasteland. We find a vault and a friendly but terrifying robot named "Cogspiece" who vies with Roman to be our tourguide. We fight off some Radroaches & Molerats, meet some people, make some corpses and some friends along the way. Be on the lookout for Tod the Super-mutant, god rest his soul. Johnny gets a new weapon and ends up pairing up an old enemy with a new enemy in the ongoing saga that is... Player Zero. Guests: Franco Tevini & Matlock Zumsteg
  • 8. Level 8: What Hell Hath the Were-Frog Wrought?

    The whole team died from poisonous gas. but we find out what happens when you lose a life in the Metaverse. Also we've been captured by the Brotherhood of Steel - a malicious group of anti-robotics who wear power armor (irony) who also took all our gear and stuck us in prison. We meet the Centurion "Karl" who is our Jailor and we have to find some way to pass the time. Roman becomes obsessed with having human skin and Player Zero finds out the true power of the Were-Frog. Check out the wasteland again with Player Zero, Johnny Chaotic, and Roman the Tutorial Robot.
  • 9. Level 9: When Immortals Kombat

    Oh no! Roman is kidnapped by an evil ninja and we are ostensibly inclined to follow to the Nether-Lands. We meet the God of lightning (and natural disasters) Rohdan. Johnny immediately picks a fight and finds out why it's not wise to fight with gods. Also there's a deep disembodied voice narrating everyone's names. In this realm, Immortals and Mortals engage in Kombat which we spell that way because we don't know any better. We're on the hunt and we must find Roman before he becomes a Fatality...Rohdan: Franco Tevini ShakaKhan: Franco TeviniPlayer Zero: Adam AragonJohnny Chaotic: Joe KrolRoman the Robot: Alex Cohen