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Getting to the Source

Ep. 15

Knowing the source of your fears and dislikes enhances your self-confidence and connection to yourself. It helps you have a deeper appreciation of what you have and what you genuinely like to do.

However, getting to the source is difficult; you need a professional who can guide you without any judgment. By the time you get to the source, you’ll have heightened your awareness about what you want. This will help you build stronger relationships with the people who are closest to you.

In this episode, I’ll discuss the importance of getting to the source of your “wants” and “don’t wants”. I’ll share some tips on how to shift from a place of rejection and shame to a place of fulfillment. Additionally, you’ll learn what life offers to those who get to the source of their “wants” and “don't wants.”

Tune in and listen to the fifteenth episode of the Zero to Infinity podcast and learn the benefits of getting to the source.

In This Episode, You Will Learn:

  • The role of “wants” and “don’t wants” (00:04)
  • Why it's important to get to the source of the “don’t want” feeling (04:39)
  • How to move to a place of acceptance (12:55)
  • Getting to the source of what you “want” and “don’t want” (17:25)

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  • 18. Evaluating Your Attachments

    One of the best ways to access the best of what life has to offer is by letting go of what doesn't serve us. To make progress and achieve big dreams, take time to evaluate your attachments.If you gather enough courage to confront the fear of dropping unnecessary attachments, you'll be able to unleash your full potential. Additionally, you'll have more peace and enough time to pursue your purpose more joyfully.In this episode, I'll discuss the importance of evaluating our attachments. I'll share the impact that getting rid of unnecessary attachments had on my life. You'll also hear the benefits of separating who we are and what we do.Tune in and listen to the eighteenth episode of the Zero to Infinity podcast and learn the benefits of getting to the source.In This Episode, You Will Learn:How to be present (04:43)Detaching from the doing and attaching to the being (07:12)The danger of attaching who we are to things (11:30)The importance of confronting the fear of letting things go (17:00)Let's connect!WebsiteFacebookLinkedIn
  • 17. Going From Wishing to Wanting To Having It All

    How can I turn a wish into a burning desire?Knowing who you are and what you want is the first step to achieving all your life’s dreams. It helps you take bold, calculated steps and overcome the challenges you face on the journey to what you desire. It also helps you gain clarity on what your purpose is, and that provides you with an opportunity to unleash your full potential.Today, I’m excited to be joined by Tina Brigley, an authentic leadership coach and a former elementary school teacher turned rogue entrepreneur. Tina’s mission is to support people to turn their dreams into burning desires so they CAN have it all. She is also passionate about helping women reclaim their femininity.Tune in and listen to the seventeenth episode of the Zero to Infinity podcast and hear about Tina’s journey to personal growth and entrepreneurship.In This Episode, You Will Learn:Why Tina joined a health coach program (01:20)How Tina’s boss reacted to her leaving her job to start a business (09:29)How self-love helped Tina overcome her biggest setback (19:47)The different personality types (31:37)What it takes to turn your life around (42:25)Connect with Tina:LinkedInFacebookTwitterWebsiteLet's connect!WebsiteFacebookLinkedIn
  • 16. Cultivating Mindset Resilience

    Nothing makes a person more determined to change their life than going through a near-death experience. It allows one to audit their past actions, current habits, and the motivation behind them. In most cases, people who go through such situations come out of them with a strong desire to change their ways and pursue their purpose.However, making big and lasting changes to one’s life isn’t easy. You need a coach to guide you in gaining clarity on where you want to go and the steps to take to get there.Today, I’m excited to be joined by Savio P. Clemente, a certified wellness coach, best-selling author, syndicated columnist, and podcaster. He coaches cancer survivors to overcome the confusion and gain the clarity needed to get busy living in mind, body, and spirit. Savio inspires health and wellness seekers to find meaning in the “why” and to cultivate resilience in their mindset. His mission is to offer clients, listeners, and viewers alike tangible takeaways in living a truly healthy, wealthy, and wise lifestyle.Tune in and listen to the sixteenth episode of the Zero to Infinity podcast and hear more about how Savio helps cancer survivors gain clarity.In This Episode, You Will Learn:Savio’s scary experience made him reevaluate his life (01:40)The insights Savio gained while in the hospital (05:49)Why Savio became a life coach (13:19)What change coaching entails (17:50)ResourcesBook: I Survived Cancer and Here Is How I Did It: 35 Cancer Survivors Share Their JourneyConnect with Savio:LinkedInTwitterLet's connect!WebsiteFacebookLinkedIn
  • 14. The Path to True Happiness

    While following the status quo can provide a sense of security, it also limits one’s ability to achieve true happiness. It denies you a chance to be free to express yourself and fearlessly explore your sphere of influence. Instead, it limits you to what others consider to be the path to happiness.Another obstacle to true happiness is setting up conditions that need to be met for you to attain it. In most cases, people who do that will achieve all the conditions they set but still fail to attain true happiness.Today, we are discussing another chapter of my new book. In this episode, I’ll talk about the core concepts in the book's fifth chapter, titled, Stop Denying Yourself True Happiness.  You’ll learn what true happiness means and why the path to it is unique for each of us.Tune in, listen to the fourteenth episode of the Zero to Infinity podcast, and learn how to achieve true happiness.In This Episode, You Will Learn:The definition of happiness (00:53)The results of putting conditions on happiness (04:45)How to achieve true happiness (13:00)How our conditioning limits our ability to achieve happiness (17:21)Let's connect!WebsiteFacebookLinkedIn
  • 13. Visualize and Realize

    The first step towards achieving success in life is visualizing it. The second step is to take calculated actions to achieve the necessary goals. However, attaining those goals and ultimately being successful will sometimes not bring fulfillment.Sometimes, achieving your dreams can make you feel undeserving and unworthy. That’s why you need to step into choosing to feel proud when your dreams come true. Failure to do this can lead one to self-sabotage and eventually end up where one started.In this episode, I’ll discuss the importance of visualizing your success.  I’ll also discuss why stepping into a deserving state is a must if you want to get fulfillment from your success. Additionally, I’ll share with you how to get rid of limiting beliefs.Tune in and listen to the thirteenth episode of the Zero to Infinity podcast and why feeling proud of your success is a must.In This Episode, You Will Learn:The power of our imagination (03:54)How to get rid of false beliefs (05:38)Why getting what you wanted will sometimes not fulfill you (09:54)How to deal with the feeling of unworthiness (15:26)Let's connect!WebsiteFacebookLinkedIn
  • 12. Mastering Fear

    Self-awareness makes it easy for people to evaluate whether they are living out their true purpose. While many people feel unfulfilled by a lack of purpose, only a few dare to take bold steps toward their sphere of influence. The rest are limited by fear of the unknown and the judgment of others.It is hard to go against what the surrounding community expects, but it is fun to live out your purpose. However, you need to be prepared for that journey. If possible, get a guide to help you remain focused as you unleash your full potential.Today, I’m excited to be joined by Sebastian Roesler, a German-born Entrepreneur, and Father. He has successfully built his own business in Canada and is embarking on his life fulfillment journey. Roesler has set out to help inspire others through his experiences and knowledge on his social platforms. They are his self-practiced guides for his audience to find their life fulfillment along with him.Tune in and listen to the twelfth episode of the Zero to Infinity podcast and hear more about the practice of zero to infinity.In This Episode, You Will Learn:The reason why Sebastian moved from Germany to Canada (04:19)The importance of honest self-analysis (08:40)How going to zero opened a door for Sebastian to get to infinity (24:33)Why a mentality shift can transform your life (37:41)Connect with Sebastian:InstagramFacebookYouTubeRumbleLet's connect!WebsiteFacebookLinkedIn
  • 11. Moving From A Lack State

    We are brought up in a world full of rules and expectations based on what those who came before us did. For instance, you need to do well in school, get a job, and hold on to that job so that your future can be secured. There is no room for one to be fully authentic without being harshly judged as lost.There are unlimited possibilities for those who step out of that famous ‘box’ because they can unleash their full potential. Such people find it easier to shift from a lack state to a have state, which is the more fulfilling state.Today, I’m glad to announce that my book is now ready. In this episode, I’ll talk about the core concepts in the second chapter of the book.  You’ll learn how to shift your mind from a lack state to a have state. You’ll also learn why you must take care of your emotional state. Tune in and listen to the eleventh episode of the Zero to Infinity podcast and learn about how to shift to a have state.In This Episode, You Will Learn:Why always following a plan can limit your potential (03:47)The impact that comparison has on our lives (08:06)Why you need to first take care of your emotional state (13:50)How to shift from a ‘lack state’ to a ‘have state’ (16:59)Let's connect!WebsiteFacebookLinkedIn
  • 10. Saying Yes to You

    In a world filled with never-ending to-do lists, it is easy to sometimes feel inadequate and disconnected from the present moment. This makes us feel like we don’t have enough time to do what we should do to remain energetic and healthy. It essentially moves us to a lack state, where the fear of being shamed for being inadequate thrives.However, there is a different way to live your life which involves saying yes to yourself. With this approach, you acknowledge what you are feeling and accept what’s best for you. This is a process that takes time, but when done right, it comes with a lot of freedom and positivity.Today, I’m glad to announce that my book is now ready. In this episode, I’ll talk about the core concepts in the first chapter of the book.  You’ll learn what saying yes to yourself entails and the benefits that come with it. You’ll also learn why the ‘should’ statement creates a mindset of lack.Tune in and listen to the tenth episode of the Zero to Infinity podcast and learn about why you need to say yes to yourself.In This Episode, You Will Learn:Why the win is in the process (04:53)The importance of saying yes to yourself (10:20)The negative side of the ‘should’ statement (18:23)What truly saying yes to yourself means (26:04)Let's connect!WebsiteFacebookLinkedIn