Your Kickstarter Sucks


Episode 257: YKS AI

Of all the universes in all the multiverses, THIS is the one you chose to portal us to?! The one with a brand new YKS dropping, and it’s about a bunch of crazy Kickstarters and stuff!? You better know what you’re doing, because if we don’t retrieve the Cube of Crowdfundium by the time Brendle’s Song plays…well, let’s just say you better hold on to your board games, buster! On today’s show, ah yes, it says right here in the scrolls, there was a really weird thing about car keys, a psycho copsucker app, oh my, and yes, this is the exact date they discussed the guy gluing a lighter to his cell phone! It’s just as was foretold…now hurry, back to The Webby. We might just have enough hyperfuel to bounce to the next cryptoworld…

Music for YKS is courtesy of Howell Dawdy, Craig Dickman, Mr. Baloney, and Mark Brendle. Additional research by Zeke Golvin. YKS is edited by Producer Dan. Executive Producer lola butt.

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Episode 270: The Weird Episode

It’s a SAD one today, folks, as we show up an absolutely insulting 9 minutes late to a funeral. And it’s for one of our best friends, who has been with us through hard times and soft…Taco Bell. Plus, we got horny monsters, and geometric cat shit, and a return to a certain awesome feline’s cinematic universe. All that and about 5-7 decent riffs that would be in a big YouTube compilation if we ever got our shit together enough to make one. And it’s free! So what the fuck! Music for YKS is courtesy of Howell Dawdy, Craig Dickman, Mr. Baloney, and Mark Brendle. Additional research by Zeke Golvin. YKS is edited by Producer Dan. Executive Producer lola butt.It’s almost the end of September…hm…what month comes after that, I wonder? Only one place to find out: YKS Premium. This episode of YKS is sponsored by these fine brands:Factor: You know how they say there are 2.5M ants per person on Earth? Well what if you ate a big sandwich that had all those ants in it for lunch? Wouldn’t be very good, right? Yeah, that’s why I prefer Factor: it’s healthy, delicious, and convenient. And you can use code YKS130 to get $130 off across 6 boxes at And they won’t send you a bunch of ants.Honey - I really respect my friends at Honey. All they wanna do is save me a few bucks on my purchases at checkout, and they do it. And that’s called setting an intention. Thank you, Honey, for modeling this effective behavior. - EXCLUSIVE NordVPN Deal ➼ Try it risk-free now with a 30-day money-back guarantee!

Episode 269: The Dream Episode

You ever get the feeling you’re…in a dream? We’ve all heard of Stranger Things, but that was just a show…right? On today’s episode, the thin line between reality and…something else begins to fray. And YKS may never be the same. Music for YKS is courtesy of Howell Dawdy, Craig Dickman, Mr. Baloney, and Mark Brendle. Additional research by Zeke Golvin. YKS is edited by Producer Dan. Executive Producer lola butt.Want more YKS? Yep. I betcha do. Then you’re gonna want to head on over to and sign up for YKS Premium – Da Best Deal In Da Biz (™) Last week, we had the great David Roth on to preview NFL Week 2 and put Dumpy Trump in his cheesetacular place (jail?). This week, you’ve got even MORE episodes to look forward to – this one will probably be about the Woke Pilots we talked about on today’s show and some bad Kickstarters that Missed The Cut, but I’ll let ya know when we release it. Plus, we can’t forget the Squeeze Louise mailbag coming out at the end of the month – all in beautiful HD video! Check it out if you need more stuff to look at. This week’s episode is brought to you by these fine sponsors:HelloFresh - Yum yum yum! That’s the type of stuff a certain blue dessert goblin might say when eating his favorite chocolate chip whatever. But us regular folks, we need lean protein and green veggies and fruit and stuff like that. So send some to yourself! It’ll work on any “Street”! Get 16 free meals and 3 free gifts at - Insurance is maybe not the most fun thing in the world to buy. But you gotta do it. I had the same situation and went on Policygenius, bingo bango, I got insurance now. I’m untouchable now! And you can be too. Get some insurance for your own self at Policygenius.comBetterHelp - Talking to someone else about your problems is great. Some people even have a job where that’s what they do for some reason. But if you don’t have that kinda gig, or hell, maybe especially if you do, therapy is a pretty good idea. And going online for it? You already know! Get 10% off your first month at

Episode 268: The Day Popcorn Changed Forever

On today’s episode, we got some good ass shit goin, okay? If you like $50 bills and ethical dogfighting, you’re gonna like this episode, alright? And if you’re into tape measures that can store all your measurements, putting baseball cards in coffee beans, and flushing bags of dog shit down the toilet, you’re gonna be doin’ just fine for this one too. There’s something for everyone here this week, as long as they like at least one of those specific things and don’t hate one of the other ones so much that it takes away from their enjoyment of the one they do like. Got it?! Music for YKS is courtesy of Howell Dawdy, Craig Dickman, Mr. Baloney, and Mark Brendle. Additional research by Zeke Golvin. YKS is edited by Producer Dan. Executive Producer lola butt.For more YKS Premium, head on over to YKS Premium. Oh crud. Hang on. I think I messed up! I was supposed to say that differently! But you get the idea. Support the show on Patreon for ad-free episodes, hundreds of hours of bonus content, and more. Last week we had our friend Libby Watson on for a special, mournful edition of Rubbish Lads…and thanks to the integratedPatreon video player’s somewhat less draconian approach to DMCA enforcement, our Squeeze Louise subscribers get all the clips we watched, and our incredible reactions (that’s called Fair Use!), for just $8/month. Coming up this week on YKS Premium: Writer and Trump-knower, David Roth! This week’s episode of YKS is sponsored by these fine brands:Factor - Factor: Now Serving: Yum Yum Yum! Get $130 off at Greens - I love a somewhat fruity taste. I would honestly drink that even if it was bad for me. Luckily, it’s not! It’s good. Cause it’s green, baby! Get 1 year supply Vitamin D (great vitamin type) and 5 free travel packs at Money - New name alert! TrueBill is dead, long live Rocket Money! Save yourself the headache of all these bills and whatnot, and get on a spaceship to Planet Savings, with Rocket Money! Check em out at BetterHelp GoodHelp is good, but…yeah, there’s room for improvement there. That’s why they invented BetterHelp: the place where you can go and talk to some folks and you don’t have to let anyone look at ya! Good deal. Get 10% off your first month at