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Episode 216: Rat Stuck In Airlock

Hey everybody have you seen my balls they're...well, you know the rest! I guess I better stop singing a song and get on with typing out the episode description, huh? This week on YKS we're talkin' all the latest websites that have dropped, remembering the combo TV/VCR, The Crag Cave, and even more sexy ideas. Sorry if you feel cheated, but we're in The Goldilocks Zone (references to this episode)! Read on for more references to the show you're about to listen to, plus general information about us and our creative partners. Won't hurt you none.

Music for YKS is courtesy of Howell Dawdy, Craig Dickman, Mr. Baloney, and Mark Brendle. Additional research by Zeke Golvin. YKS is edited by Producer Dan. Executive Producer lola butt.

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Hey gang, if you need more YKS in your life, I'm the last guy on Earth who's gonna blame ya for that. This week on YKS Premium...not sure yet, but we got the Squeeze Louise mailbag coming out tomorrow! Check it out!

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Episode 227: We're Driving Down The Road

Now how's this for a Monday afternoon treat -- the thing that I should have posted on Monday morning! Oh well, I guess our old friend Garfield really had it right! And that's all I want to say about him for now. On today's show, Mike and JF go wild and crazy on some bad inventions, and oh yeah, there are no holds barred either! Download this "shiznit" right now for our thoughts on an even weirder form of "minting coins", an upgrade to your Tesla experience (that isn't trading it in for a real car), and playing poo poo games with other adults. Pull your pants up, lock your band's 5 trombones in the van, and grab your's time for YKS! Music for YKS is courtesy of Howell Dawdy, Craig Dickman, Mr. Baloney, and Mark Brendle. Additional research by Zeke Golvin. YKS is edited by Producer Dan. Executive Producer lola butt. Title for this episode from Poochie D: "Just have it be whatever the fuck Mike says at about 45:47" -- you got it, pooch! For more YKS, you GOTTA head on over to the YKS Premium Patreon page. What awaits you is pure physical pleasure, and -- oh geez, oh golly, I got my descriptions mixed up. Well basically we have a huge backlog of premium episodes -- movie commentaries, interviews with our friends, games, more Kickstarter stuff, ad-free episodes, a video feed, and more. It's pretty cheap, all things considered, and without you guys we wouldn't make the show anymore. So thanks for listening, and also it says here it'll make you nut off like a fire hose. Oh gosh dernit! Today's episode of YKS is sponsored by HelloFresh....or "presh" as Mike would say. Get a load of this guy, he's talking like he's got a mouthful of pumpkin! Luckily my several flubs were more easily edited out of this week's ad read. Anyhow, it's the famous season of Autumn and you know what that!(?) If you want to try food out for yourself -- I've heard only good things -- head on over to and use promo code yourkickstartersucks14 for 14 free meals and 3 free gifts. 17 free things total! That's a lot of things.This week's show is also brought to you by BetterHelp. "'s Betterhelp!" Get 10% off your first month of BetterHelp today at

Episode 226: YKS Saves The Kids

Scam alert! Scam alert! It's time for Mike and JF to don their investigative journalism hats and read the comments on a weird Kickstarter to see if someone else thinks its a scam or not. And maybe it's not, who knows. Not us, that's for sure. On today's episode we fix the entire movie industry, put fireworks likers in their place at long last, and destroy the entire oil industry. Not the really really bad one. Just the kinda bad one. So not really a huge win by us but it's only Monday so give us some time and we will deliver you another big W later in the week. All that, plus a Neighbor Insight, and much much more, only on Your Kickstarter Sucks (name in description for SEO purposes). Music for YKS is courtesy of Howell Dawdy, Craig Dickman, Mr. Baloney, and Mark Brendle. Additional research by Zeke Golvin. YKS is edited by Producer Dan. Executive Producer lola butt.For more of this crazy nonsense we call YKS, check out the YKS Premium Patreon page, where 5 extra episodes a month, plus incredible video stylings from Producer Dan await the dedicated listener. Oh yeah and we just casually throw in ad-free eps, merch discounts, Discord access and more like we don't even care about it but we actually do. Today's episode of YKS is sponsored by BetterHelp. BetterHelp: why get worse help when you could get BetterHelp? That's just what I think and I barely know anything about anything. But I wrote it down on my hand here so I'd remember it when I typed this up. And the handwriting's clear enough so I'm saying it. Sick of the uncomfortable waiting rooms? BetterHelp was, too, that's why they invented staying at your house and getting professional therapy there, instead of in the waiting room. Try it today at for 10% off your first month and safely 6 feet away kiss the uncomfortable waiting room goodbye! Also sponsoring today's show: Honey! Oh baby I finally got some reinforcements for my battle against the fearsome promo code box at checkout. The battlefield is set (the computer). The weapons have been chosen (uh, maybe this one is the computer). Gird your loins and prepare for codes on me!!! Download the free extension today at and start saving buttloads of cash...for the greater good! And use your computer to do it by the way.

Episode 225: Uncle Jame's Communist Birthday

What if I told was time to write the episode description, but you didn't want to? Would you shrink from the limelight and open another tab on the computer...or would you rise to the challenge, and write the best episode description of all time, a handful of paragraphs enshrined forever in the Episode Description Hall of Fame alongside the one that just says "Buh?" and the one with the copied synopsis from Avatar or whatever it was? Follow me down the rabbit hole and find out what your mind is truly made of...Today on the show we have a bunch of stupid projects to talk about and I think we do about 5 minutes on "poop worms". Enjoy. Music for YKS is courtesy of Howell Dawdy, Craig Dickman, Mr. Baloney, and Mark Brendle. Additional research by Zeke Golvin. YKS is edited by Producer Dan. Executive Producer lola butt.Over on YKS Premium, Miketober continues...just kidding! Fuck that shit! We're sick of it! It's all over! We do have the official Squeeze Louise Halloween Mailbag dropping tomorrow, but after that it's smooth sailing with classic YKS Premium episode concepts such as....Oh Crap We Don't Have An Idea For This One, and Drink A Weird Soda for 25 Minutes. Come check out our new Set It and Forget Option: Set up your subscription and Forget your password: the only way to enjoy YKS!This week's show is sponsored by HelloFresh! There are so many awesome benefits to HelloFresh it would probably take me about 40 hours in a week to list them all. Here's one: you can finally get your meals organized! And that right there is important as heck. Inside these nice little boxes is everything you need for a quick, easy, and healthful meal...just the good stuff and none of the BS! Check it out today at and use promo code YourKickstarterSucks14 for 14 free meals and free shipping! Damn!Also sponsoring today's episode: NordVPN. Hey what'd you get me for Cyber Month? A big honking SUV with a red bow on it in the driveway for some reason? Yuck! I'd rather have NordVPN...the fastest, securest, entertainment-unlockingest VPN this side of the Chattahoochee River....and that side, too! Make up for your whiff of a gift with NordVPN and the promo code YKS...that's gonna get ya 73% off and a free month to boot...yeah, Santa's boot that is! Kick!