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Episode 158: The Art of Chug

Welllllllllllll, well it's The Big Show! That was the entrance music of a wrestling guy from a number of years ago, but today we've got an episode of a podcast that could arguably go by the same name. That's because on episode 158 of YKS, we'll be introducing some products to you that might be able to make a real difference in your lives! Haha just kidding. We're going to talk about a penis board game. But there's also smart diapers, a joke of the day calendar for the terminally ill, and a product that promises to shave up to 1.2 seconds off the amount of time it takes to chug a Simply Alcohol (TM) Mango Wango Hard Sparkling Rosé Smoothie. Finally! That's time I can now spend explaining to my kids why the COVID-19 virus deserves all As.

Music for YKS is courtesy of The Hell Yeah Babies, Craig Dickman, Howell Dawdy, and Mark Brendle. Additional research by Zeke Golvin. YKS is edited by Producer Dan.

Today's episode of YKS is sponsored by Wipers123. They've been selling wiper blades for so long they've gotten to be pretty good at it. I've got some here at the house, and in my opinion, I don't know how you'd do it any better than Wipers123. Don't believe me? Fine. I don't care. For everyone else, go to and use promo code YOURKICKSTARTERSUCKS for $10 off your order of SpeedSets, which sounds like a very fast type of windshield wiper.

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Episode 176: Barf Boulevard

Episode 176 is here....that's huge. That is a huge accomplishment. Plus there were probably a few we lost along the way. And then the bonus episodes on top of that (plus the ones we lost there). God. That's probably, I don't know, what, the equivalent of 56,000 shows or so? Lot of mileage on these lungs but they just keep on tickin', I'll tell you what. And still no 100th episode celebration in sight. Well for this week's show, Mike has picked the Kickstarters so you know what that means: it's just stuff he wants me to buy him. Will I buy him any of it? Will he make it subtle that he wants me to buy it? There's only one way to find out: download and listen 10 times in a row on all your different devices and through a variety of IP addresses! That's a joke, relax. Unless you're just bored or whatever....Music for YKS is courtesy of the Hell Yeah Babies, Craig Dickman, Howell Dawdy, and Mark Brendle. Additional research by Zeke Golvin. YKS is edited by Producer Dan. Exec Producer PBostrom.This week's YKS is sponsored by GoDaddy, a fine place to buy a website. Well, they've also got a podcast called School of Hustle. Makes sense, right? So check that out.Today's show is also sponsored by HelloFresh. I do love going to the store but sometimes it stresses me out and makes me go nuts. So a big box of ingredients coming to the house works out pretty nice. For $90 off, go to and use the promo code yourkickstartersucks90. It ships free too but the $90 off seems like the bigger deal to me. I had some really good pita from there. Ok folks I'm not gonna lie to ya, I'm tired of typing. So I'll merely say: check us out on Patreon for bonus episodes and more "you know what". Thanks!

Episode 175: Clunky Tongs Country

Ring ring....hello? Yes it's the YKS War Room. Yes, our refrigerator is running. Why do you ask? Oh crap, you're doing a prank on us. Well, just so you know, the NEAS Secret Service is listening in on all these calls, so. And we've been crying in the bathroom all day as well. On today's show we've got some funny little calls, which you probably guessed! Plus, some new brain hacks for memory keeping, a new kitchen gadget that sucks, and one of the all-time freaks from hell is back with another stupid ass movie. That's basically our crazy ass show, thanks for coming to our weird little section of the internet. Hope you had fun. And if you got too freaked out, I'm soooooooo sorry. NOT. Music for YKS is courtesy of the Hell Yeah Babies, Craig Dickman, Howell Dawdy, and Mark Brendle. Additional research by Zeke Golvin. YKS is edited by Producer Dan. Exec Producer PBostrom.Ding a ling a ling! It's the YKS Sponsor Bell! Today's episode is brought to you by Wipers123. I wouldn't buy windshield wipers anywhere else, even from the cute little kid with the "Wipers 25 cents" sign set up at the end of my street. I don't care how backwards the letters are! Wipers123 is, quite simply, going to stomp him out of existence. And good riddance! Show the windshield wipers industry that all you care about is the best product and quickest installation on the market by using promo code YOURKICKSTARTERSUCKS and get $10 off your order of SpeedSets wiper blades. Hey! Welcome to the Patreon plug portion of the episode write-up. We're back to normal over there, so everyone who hates movies can safely return to receiving a shitload of bonus episodes, newsletters, ad-free regular eps, merch discounts, voting for us to buy desktop toilets, and so forth. And on this week's YKS Premium, we've got....uhhh!!! Wait a minute!!! It's a movie episode! That's right, we've got a commentary track for Kickstarted movie and all around weird guy situation Cool Cat Saves The Kids. This shit is totally psychotic and we'll bring ya along for the ride. So go check that shit out if ya want!

Episode 174: The People Trumped Ronald Plump

Brian and Ed, you beautiful sons of bitches, you finally did it. You -- We --Trumped Ronald Plump at last. Now to enjoy the next four to eight years of peaceful, social justice oriented, climate conscious stewardship from our trusted progressive ally, Joe Biden. Heh. Anyway also on today's show we've got what is hopefully the last word on ironic red hat co-opting paraphernalia, Cooking For Men about 10 years too late, and a DOA exercise product even JF's tiny, pathetic ass couldn't make use of. That's pretty much the whole show so go listen to it now, before the world gets really really good and you don't have time to download podcasts anymore! Music for YKS is courtesy of the Hell Yeah Babies, Craig Dickman, Howell Dawdy, and Mark Brendle. Additional research by Zeke Golvin. YKS is edited by Producer Dan. Exec Producer PBostrom.Hey today's episode of YKS has two sponsors. Very nice! My wife! The first one is Manscaped, our old friends. They've added a ton of new stuff, including an ear & nose hair trimmer...and some cologne?? Cool. Use promo code YKS to get 20% off and free shipping over there. And for our second sponsor, we've got a...New sponsor alert! It's Curiosity Stream! There's so many documentaries on there we doubt you'll ever need to watch scripted, fictional content ever again. That stuff's fake! But not the award-winning exclusives & originals on Curiosity Stream, featuring such luminaries as Sir David Attenborough, Stephen Hawking, and Nick Offerman. And here's an offer-man for our listeners: Use promo code YKS to get a whole year of Curiosity Stream on your iPad, iPhone, or iDontKnowWhat for just $14.99! There's some stuff on there about how capitalism is a big bummer too, so check that out.And yeah we're still doing YKS Premium as well! Check us out on Friday to help decide which stupid piece of shit we have to buy for the show! 538 says It's probably going to be the Burger Buddy. And those guys are pretty good, so.