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Episode 136: Something Normal Dumbass

This week on YKS...we need more emails! An update on the O'Cock Watch! And more! Here are some of the suggestions our Discord gave for the title of the (as yet unheard) episode when I asked: No Signal Mountain 2, Pee Pee Poo Poo, Another One, Breakfast Soup 2, etc. Glad I went with this one. Much better.

Music for YKS is courtesy of the Hell Yeah Babies, Howell Dawdy, Craig Dickman, and Mark Brendle. Additional Research by Zeke Golvin. YKS is edited by Producer Dan.

For more YKS, check out YKS Premium over on Patreon! February is Jesseuary on YKS Premium, where we're taking a look at some unsung classics with some of our favorite friends. Last week, we tackled one of the great Jesse Movies of all time, Pacific Rim, with the great Greg Pollock, and this week we keep the pedal to the (silver!) metal with writer Dan O'Sullivan and the erstwhile Dark Universe fantasy romp Van Helsing. $5 a month gets ya the whole thing plus whatever else we think of, so consider doing that and supporting the program.

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Episode 153: Uber For Help

Live from New York, it's.....YKS? What if that's what it was? Heck I don't know but I think it would most likely change from Weekend Update to Weekday Update. Due to, well, that's when the show comes out for one thing. And that's just one change. I might do some other ones, but of course I haven't really had much time to think about it. What, with everything going on in the world and all that stuff. I guess I'd also make it not Live anymore, just in case we have some mess-ups we want to take out. That way you get as good of a show as we can deliver, every time. And I'd do it during the day as well. Anyway, this week on YKS we have some Kickstarter projects to talk about, including both a half-assed new social media site and a niche Cards Against Humanity ripoff, as per usual, and then 4 other ones of indeterminate interest. Then several more minutes elapse with seemingly no new information conveyed, and the show ends. Please enjoy. Music for YKS is courtesy of the Hell Yeah Babies, Craig Dickman, Howell Dawdy, and Mark Brendle. Additional research by Zeke Golvin. YKS is edited by Producer Dan. Executive Producer PBostrom. For more YKS, check out the Patreon page please. On there we've got YKS Premium, of course, and we've also got YKS Da Mag, the official weekly newsletter of Your Kickstarter Sucks. Check it out for tips and tricks, behind the scenes info, and exclusive scoops you won't find anywhere else. Just playing. It's me and Mike talking about whatever.