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You don’t look like an Engineer

Josh Yates: Treat the janitor with the same respect as the CEO

Ep. 38

In this episode, we have the pleasure of sitting down with Josh Yates, a multifaceted individual serving as the co-director of Landy Advisory, the director of the Tweed Seagulls Rugby League Football Club, and the vice president of the Gold Coast Chamber of Commerce. 

Josh candidly shares the challenges he faced at the outset of his journey in the infrastructure sector. Despite lacking a technical engineering background, he reveals how he navigated these obstacles with determination and resilience and became a visionary executive in business strategy.

Josh delves into the pivotal moment when he embarked on his entrepreneurial endeavor, founding his first advisory consultancy and assembling a talented team of ten individuals. Join us as we explore how Josh's background in sports influences his distinctive leadership style, offering valuable insights into his approach to team dynamics.

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    In this episode, Lau and Sohan host Angela Hucker, CEO of EPIC. Angela shares experiences from her career, spanning two decades in male-dominated industries. She talks about learning to rise to the occasion, how you can jump into a new role and learn to fit into it. She talks about the changes the industry has been through, in recognising female talent and fostering better, more inclusive cultures. Angela talks about how recognising biases was difficult in her earlier career, when it was hard to understand that certain behaviour was warranted to gender stereotypes. A badass in her own field, Angela has a remarkable portfolio including multimillion dollar projects in oil, gas and infrastructure, and even a spotlight on US TV Show “Mega Structures”. The conversation explores the importance of fostering an open mindset in the construction industry and delves into the challenges of FIFO work. She shares about her latest venture EPIC, which seeks to empower those in construction.Join us for this episode to hear Angela's practical career insights and genuine take on gender quotas and their impact on the industry.The You Don't Look Like an Engineer Podcast is proudly supported by Design & Build Recruitment
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    Join Laura and Sohan as they unravel the extraordinary engineering journey of Daniel Lambert, an Entrepreneur, Innovator, and Humanitarian engineer specialising in Water, Energy, and Resources. This episode delves into the diverse skills essential to engineering, which challenge the misconception that STEM is solely mathematical. Daniel shares valuable insights on work-life balance and aligning work with purpose, providing a glimpse into his impactful contributions to water resources. Tune in to explore the dynamic world of engineering and discover how to recalibrate your professional compass for a more purposeful journey. Thank you to our sponsors, Design & Build Recruitment ⚡️