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How to Launch a Food Product Business | Saskia Sorrosa | Fresh Bellies

Season 4, Ep. 183

Episode 183 talks about how to launch a food product business, featuring Saskia Sorrosa of Fresh Bellies. Listen now!

Saskia Sorrosa is the founder of Fresh Bellies, a savory snack brand that is turning pantries everywhere into an explosion of flavors.

Fresh Bellies was the first-ever savory kid brand to launch with no hidden sugary goop to hide the veggies and helped kids learn to love savory foods like beets, mushrooms, peppers, cardamom and even garlic, instead of sweet. It has 8 or less ingredients and no preservatives, fillers or artificial flavors and with no or low sodium and its made with ancient grain and vegetables instead of cheesy coating.

The brand has raised over $4M, gone on Shark Tank, grown to 4,000 stores nationwide including SproutsTargetWhole FoodsKrogerMeijerWalmartWegman's and many more.

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