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Yooper Wisdom

Holiday Season

Season 1, Ep. 6

Kim & Kelley discuss the joys, stresses and expectations that can often come along with the Holiday season.

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  • 15. Beauty and the Brain with Diana Oman

    Kim, Kelley and special guest Diana Omen have an enlightening conversation about brain health and share valuable tips on how to support it with positive thoughts, meditation, nutritious foods, and essential oils.
  • 14. Craniosacral Stories

    Through heartfelt stories and insightful reflections, Kim delves into the profound impact of her Craniosacral bodywork.
  • 13. Kim's Healing Journey

    Kim shares her healing journey and what motivated her to pursue healing arts as a profession.
  • 12. Connecting with Inner Guidance

    Kim Kee shares her insights on connecting with inner guidance and nurturing one's spiritual self.
  • 11. Humor Healing with Special Guest: Rob Mielke

    Kim and Kelley along with special guest Rob Mielke, Kim Kee's partner, explore the power of healing with humor and the transformative effects of laughter on mental and emotional well-being.
  • 10. Special Guest: Erica Smith from ReWild

    Kim and Kelley warmly welcome their first guest, Erica Smith from Marquette's newly opened store, ReWild, for a profound discussion on the beautiful metaphor that intertwines knitting with the threads and tapestry of our lives.
  • 9. Inner Peace

    Discover the profound intersection of tranquility and self-discovery in this episode, where Kim and Kelley unravel the intricacies of finding inner peace while navigating the depths of inner conflict.
  • 8. State of Humanity

    Embark on an insightful exploration of the state of humanity in this episode. Kim & Kelley delve into the complexities and nuances of our shared journey as we analyze the challenges, victories, and evolving narratives that define the human experience.
  • 7. Still Your Mind, Stir Your Soul

    Kim & Kelley unpack the profound impact of quieting the mind and staying attuned to our thoughts.