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  • Yooper Wisdom Film STREAMING NOW!

    Exciting news! The Yooper Wisdom film is now streaming free on Tubi. Get an inside look at Kim Kee's journey and the extraordinary Yooper women around her, each with unique gifts from the remote Upper Peninsula of Michigan. Explore the deep connection they share with nature and the wisdom that defines this distinctive community. Tune in now and enjoy Yooper Wisdom from the comfort of your home! LINK TO THE YOOPER WISDOM FILM
  • 16. Healing with Horses | Special Guest: Eeva Miller

    Special guest Eeva Miller talks with Kim & Kelley about her profound spiritual connection with horses. Discover the fascinating world of interspecies communication and horse therapy as Eeva shares how these incredible animals can impact and transform human lives. Tune in to learn about the powerful healing potential of horses and the deep bonds they form with people.
  • 15. Beauty and the Brain | Special Guest: Diana Oman

    Kim, Kelley and special guest Diana Omen have an enlightening conversation about brain health and share valuable tips on how to support it with positive thoughts, meditation, nutritious foods, and essential oils.
  • 14. Craniosacral Stories

    Through heartfelt stories and insightful reflections, Kim delves into the profound impact of her Craniosacral bodywork.
  • 13. Kim's Healing Journey

    Kim shares her healing journey and what motivated her to pursue healing arts as a profession.
  • 12. Connecting with Inner Guidance

    Kim Kee shares her insights on connecting with inner guidance and nurturing one's spiritual self.