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Part I: How to structure a yoga class for beginners

Jason recently did a webinar on how to structure your classes for beginners and there were tons of requests from folks who wanted to be able to re-watch it even after the replay period. So, ta-dah! we are making it available to everyone as a two-part series! Part I focuses on the 5-part class structure that I’ve been using with my beginners for over a decade. Part II will be coming next week!

You can also watch this on our Youtube channel, which you can find at: @jasoncrandellyoga

Lastly: If you'd like to join Jason's beginner's course, you can do so here:

And if you are interested in becoming a 500-hour RYT, you can find out more info here:

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    Giana Gambino and Bradshaw Wish of CAYA Yoga School join me this week to talk all things yoga retreats! These two have come together to create a dream-team when it comes to retreats -- they offer several domestic and international retreats per year (look for their 2025 retreat in Italy) and they've honed their process. They generously share all of their secrets in this conversation. We cover:How they split the workload (and the payout)Planning itineraries vs. farming them outTheir marketing/sales calendarWhat goes into pricing (and what you might be forgetting)The food! (the thing participants often complain about the most)Funny retreat snafus and how they handled themWhy you should never put a charcuterie board out if Bradshaw is on retreat with youYou can get to know Giana and Bradshaw better on their podcast A Funny Thing About YogaI'll put links to their retreats and yoga school on the shownotes page here:
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    Learn how to improve your Camel Pose (Ustrasana) and help your students go deeper. This episode breaks down how to make the lower back, knees, and neck more comfortable in this posture. It also outlines the best cues to help everyone feel stronger, more flexible, and more comfortable in this backbend.
  • 5 Ways to Improve Your Downward Facing Dog

    Practicing--and teaching--Down Dog the same way every time leads to diminishing returns and stale cues. This episode breaks down 5 ways to improve Downward Facing Dog (Adho Mukha Svanasana) to focus on opening your shoulders, opening your hips, stretching your hamstrings, stretching your calves and more. Perfect for yoga students and yoga teachers alike.
  • The Healing Power of Dogs with Erin Jorich

    I love hearing how longtime yoga teachers make this career work. This week's guest, Erin Jorich, has figured out how to use her skillset as a yoga teacher and combine it with her love for dogs.Along with her dog, Wallace, Erin works part-time for Canine Inspired Change, an organization that brings dogs into schools, juvenile detention centers, and other settings to improve the well being and social emotional skills of the people there. On this episode, Erin talks about how her yoga skills are transferable to the dog therapy work she does: Her years of teaching yoga make it easy for her to communicate clearly and effectively with the dog/human "teams" she trains. Her trauma-informed yoga certification means she understands the importance of giving kids choice and agency when they're working with the dogs. Erin finds that splitting her time between Canine Inspired Change and working as a yoga teacher afford her balance and stability that she might not have if she chose one over the other. Most importantly, as the folks she works with gain a variety of skills -- from more confidence to self-compassion to self-regulation -- she gets to witness the healing power of dogs firsthand.
  • Authentic Body Positivity & Accidental Activism with Dianne Bondy

    Dianne Bondy's web site declares in bold letters, "Yoga is for Every Body. No exceptions. You can do yoga." And she has devoted her teaching career to making sure this is the case. Over the past few decades, she has been proactive in creating yoga spaces that are empowering, inclusive, and equitable for all. I know Dianne from her playful and educational social media presence -- I had even more fun with her magnetic and charismatic presence in our talk. In our conversation she shares:How she became a self-proclaimed "accidental activist"Ideas for creating a more equitable classHow thinness is not equivalent to fitnessWeight-training, Pilates, and yoga as complements to each other, especially during menopauseHow being in diverse spaces helps us see more beautyBeing true to ourselves and our conditioning when it comes to body positivityTo learn more about Dianne, go to our shownotes page:
  • "I am my own beloved, my own best friend" -- Susanna Harwood Rubin on navigating life with cancer

    Susanna Harwood Rubin is back! Susanna was my guest on episode 165, and we continue our intimate conversation here. Our conversation runs the gamut (but somehow all ties together), ranging from her recent trip to her spiritual home in India, to living fully and joyfully with metastatic breast cancer, to her passion for teaching her own form of "embodied writing." Shownotes for this episode can be found at