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Paul Turner : Food Yoga is Food For Life

Season 4, Ep. 127

Blessed Day Yoga Revealers!  💜🙏

I’m SOOO EXCITED 🙌🤩 to share today’s episode with you! Paul Turner is a monk who decided to use his focused energy and dedication to positively impact the world with the intention of bringing plant based meals to millions of people worldwide.  Paul is not just a Bhakti Yogi with an extensive wealth of knowledge but he is also the author of Amazon Best Selling Book, Food Yoga and the founder of Food For Life, a non profit that has served over a Billion Meals worldwide in over 60 different countries.  

In this exciting episode of the Yoga Revealed Podcast we learn about Paul’s journey to founding Food for Life, the largest plant-based food relief in the world! With 211 projects in 60 countries that serve up to 2 million meals daily. Paul was born in Sydney, Australia in 1963 and grew up in Whalan, a part of Sydney’s Western Suburbs.  In 1986, Paul started a Food for Life club at the Sydney University where he and other monks provided a hot lunch to hundreds of students three times a week. “The purpose of the club was to give the students a taste for higher vibrational food and to encourage them to change their diet,” he said. In 1989, his Food Yogi journey took him to Sydney’s Hunter Valley region where he started a new Food for Life program that also included employing chronically unemployable youth to grow organic vegetables for the local Food for Life project, to which the NSW state government awarded a grant of $120,000. Through Paul’s efforts to raise funds and awareness of Food for Life during that time, he began to see how food was a wonderful communicator. “Whenever I met anyone I would always have snacks to share, and soon it became so synonymous that the sight of me would bring a smile to people’s faces.” Feeding children in Sri Lanka after the 2004 Tsunami[/caption] It was these firsthand experiences that convinced Paul of food’s power to unite and create peace in the world. He later adopted this philosophy when establishing the international headquarters for the charity in Washington DC in 1995. Food for Life Global’s slogan became “Uniting the World Through Pure Food.” The message perfectly captured the soul of Food for Life and the Vedic culture of hospitality that is founded on the principle of the spiritual equality of all beings.

Excited for you all to jump into this thought provoking deep dive into the true nature of Food Yoga!  

To download the first 2 chapters of the Paul’s book click the link below.

Learn More about Paul Turner and Food for Life!

Keep Shining Bright Yoga Revealed Fam!

Feel free to comment if you have any questions. 😉👌

In Love with Light

Andrew Sealy

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