Yelling at concrete


Episode 201 - Finding humans in the horror Feat James Jenkins

Season 6, Ep. 201

This week we get gritty, a little violent and a little sweary but not really as i catch up with Author James Jenkins who kindly filled a slot at short notice. James is a writer and recently published his book Parochial Pigs. We caught up to discuss the own-ness of responsibility on writers and the subjects they choose. How finding characters in your own life can impact your work and what got him into writing in the first place.

We talk Tarantino, film noir, Shane meadows and why the British do so often poke fun at serious situations so come have a listen and check out James's work below!

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Episode 220 - Where to start with AI art

Season 7, Ep. 220
This week I sit down to talk about the boogey man in the room AI "art". Now if you don't know about it and want to know how AI "art" works there is a very good legal and technical break down in this video by Corridor Crew who are a visual effects company and I suggest you watch that for an in-depth of the tech whilst I cover the moral and conceptual implications of it all.So that's right! we're here to talk about stable diffusion and all the other tech tools which have come to surge upon the world in the last few months. I'll be covering this from the tool creation side but also looking at how from a fine art perspective this affects the work made and really the potential impact it could have on how we make and see work.Should we be using it? Probably not. Will it stop anyone and companies exploiting the tech? No. Will it ruin Art? Remains to be scene but probably not considering most of it wouldn't class as art...You may agree or disagree, lukcily for me art is subjective though and until AI can make angsty concrete sculptures where the concept is the process rather than the object I think i'll be ok.Itunes can support the show and Graham by