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Why Corporate America Should Care About Loneliness

Ep. 332

Earlier this year, the U.S. Surgeon General issued an advisory on the public health crisis of isolation and loneliness. According to the report, lack of social connection can have the same results on physical health comparable to smoking daily.

On the latest episode of Yeah, That’s Probably An Ad, community editor Luz Corona and Adweek reporter Emmy Liederman are joined by Madison Utendahl, founder of branding and design firm Utendahl Creative. The group has a refreshingly honest conversation around the role the loneliness epidemic plays in the workplace, specifically when it comes to working in social media. Utendahl shares her personal experience with mental and physical burnout in the advertising world, how she prioritizes team morale and rest over business goals, and what marketers can do when leading and working in a demanding workplace.

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  • 341. What Influencer Aversion Says About Internet Culture

    Marketers are more aware than ever of the importance of language and the power it can wield.So why then, is the term 'influencer' increasingly viewed as a 'dirty word' among brands, and the consumers they sell to?With many advertisers now proudly enlisting 'creators' to front campaigns, Adweek reporter Emmy Lederman decided to probe this debate around verbiage.This week, she joins Adweek's Europe brand editor, Rebecca Stewart, on the podcast to discuss what she uncovered.The pair also discuss whether the rejection of the influencer culture is rooted in misogyny, as well as why some brands and online personalities are proudly reclaiming the word and all it stands for.Are you looking to take your media strategy to the next level and make an impact with millions of customers? Walmart Connect harnesses the massive reach of America’s number one retailer.¹ They can help you connect with Walmart’s 139MM weekly online and in-store customers², to find the ideal audience for your message, at scale. Walmart Connect offers media solutions for advertisers of all sizes, on and off Walmart’s digital properties and in their stores. From cost-effective Sponsored Search and self-serve Display ads on Walmart’s site and app, to connected TV and offsite media across web and social, to in-store activations and live events, Walmart Connect can help you deliver the right content to the right Walmart customer at the right step of their shopping journey.  Their Closed-loop Measurement uses Walmart’s proprietary customer purchase data to track the impact of your campaign on sales, not just on Walmart’s site and app, but also in their stores. For some campaigns, they can even provide rest-of-market data that tracks the impact on sales at other retailers.  Visit today and see how they can help connect you more meaningfully with Walmart customers.  Sources: ¹ Fortune, August 2023. ²Walmart internal data, January 2023. No endorsement of third-party data sources.  
  • NBA Champion Matt Barnes on The Evolution of Locker Room Talk

    Retirement typically leads to rest, relaxation and enjoying the fruits of one’s labor. But for athletes like NBA Champion Matt Barnes, it can open the door to another world of opportunities and ventures.On the latest episode of Yeah, That’s Probably An Ad, community editor Luz Corona is joined by Barnes at Brandweek’s Marketing Vanguard Lounge. The former pro basketball player, who played 14 seasons in the NBA on teams like The Golden State Warriors and The New York Knicks, is an entrepreneur, executive producer and co-host of the award-winning Showtime podcast, All The Smoke.Barnes discusses the history of athletes as content creators, the evolution of “locker room talk” from the 2000s on and the valuable lessons he learned on the court, including during his time playing alongside the late Kobe Bryant, that apply to his work today.