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Grown up Fairytales with Mike WiLL Made-It

Season 3, Ep. 14

Music is often referred to as the universal language because it can evoke emotions in anyone, regardless of the language the artist is singing or rapping in. Despite this, many people do not know about the producers behind their favorite songs and how they come up with the beats and other elements. In this episode, we hear from the renowned music producer, Mike WiLL Made-It. He shares his experiences working with artists such as Miley Cyrus and Lil Yachty and discuss his plans for making a positive impact on his community.

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  • 357. The Next Innovation From VMLY&R's Walt Greer? A Different Kind of Marketing Conference

    As VMLY&R’s chief creative officer of Innovation for North America, Walter T Geer III has a strong pulse on culture. His beginnings go back to the early digital media days, where he is behind the patents of multiple ad units marketers might remember adding to media plans in the early 2000s.But today, Geer is going beyond digital banners to revolutionize the ad industry. In fact, he is dedicating a week to it in the form of an economic forum and marketing conference focused on unlocking the economic potential of Black and diverse consumers, otherwise known as Blackweek.On the latest episode of Yeah, That’s Probably An Ad, community editor Luz Corona and Europe brand editor Rebecca Stewart sit down for a candid chat with Geer. The CCO reflects on what he wishes he knew in his early career, who he thinks are the next up-and-coming talent in the marketing industry and the objectives behind his collaborations with other Black creative leaders on the Black Madison Ave documentary and Blackweek.Join us at Commerceweek! Use code AWCOMMERCEWEEK20 at checkout to save 20%!Follow Luz Corona on LinkedInFollow Rebecca Stewart on LinkedInFollow Walter T Geer III on LinkedIn
  • 25. Stronger (What Doesn’t Kill You) with Sherry Saeedi

    Music is loved by everyone, but only a few can fulfill their dream of becoming a musician. However, not many people are aware of the intricacies of the music industry, especially when it comes to marketing, merchandising, touring, etc. For artists in today's world, it is crucial to form a partnership with a label that has their best interests at heart. This is where Sherry Saeedi, the founder and CEO of Verswire, comes in. In this episode, Saeedi explains how the company's unique VC Model alternative for signing artists works and how it is revolutionizing the music industry.
  • 356. Inside the Ad Council's $65 million initiative America's Improve Mental Health

    The Ad Council has a very recent history of making a big impact. In 2020, its Covid-19 vaccination education campaign reached more than 75% of those eligible.Now, it's turning its attention to mental health with a comprehensive $65 million program designed to reach all corners of the U.S.The initiative aims to challenge the norms and create a society that is more open, accepting, and proactive when it comes to mental health.Joining Adweek editors Rebecca Stewart and Luz Corona on the podcast this week to talk about it is Deb Leiter, SVP of campaign development at Ad Council.She discusses what the Ad Council has uncovered about the state of the nation's mental well-being, as well as the initiatives and toolkits designed to break down barriers with communities who are less likely to seek help -- including Hispanic and Black men.
  • 355. CeraVe's Michael Cera Super Bowl Stunt Was a Masterclass in ‘Edutainment’

    Like lots of funny things, Ogilvy's Super Bowl campaign for CeraVe started on a Reddit thread, speculating about whether Superbad actor Cera was connected to the brand because of his name.This evolved into an influencer campaign, speculating about Cera's links to the skincare business. The star put in the work too; he was papped for Page Six carrying bags filled with bottles of its moisturizer range around New York City in the lead-up to Super Bowl 58.Then on game night, when the L'Oreal-owned brand unveiled its ad, the whole prank made sense.Joining Adweek's community editor, Luz Corona, on this week's podcast to discuss this marketing masterclass are: Charlotte ‘Charlie’ Tansill, Ogilvy North America’s president of PR, influence and social;and Adam Kornblum, SVP, head of global digital marketing for CeraVe.They discussed how the stunt took on a life of its own and how it “wasn’t just 1 idea, but 100”. They also spoke about the magic that can happen when agencies and clients collaborate effectively, as well as the campaign as a piece of “edutainment” — something intended to both entertain and educate.Adweek's agencies and brand editor, Jameson Fleming, also joins Corona this week as a special guest to discuss the buzziest moments from this year's Super Bowl.
  • 24. Love On Top with ARCHER | Young Influentials

    Nowadays, most people tend to meet each other through online platforms for dating or friendship. However, finding a community, particularly for men belonging to the LGBTQ+ community, remains a challenge. In this episode, Michael Kaye, who serves as the director of brand marketing and communications at ARCHER and OkCupid, sheds light on the unique features of ARCHER. The app stands apart from other dating apps by verifying all profiles using selfies, which is revolutionizing the dating app industry.Listen to past episodes of Young Influentuals by subscribing on Apple Podcasts or following the show on Spotify!
  • 354. From CeraVe to Beyoncé: The Best Ads of Super Bowl LVIII

    On a special episode of Yeah, That’s Probably An Ad: Super Bowl Edition, community editor Luz Corona and senior podcast producer Al Mannarino get together for the annual recap immediately following The Big Game along with some familiar faces in media and entertainment.First up, deputy TV editor Bill Bradley and senior TV reporter Mollie Cahillane join the show to compare and contrast the different viewing experiences across CBS, Nickelodeon and Televisaunivision, how Usher’s performance got everyone out of their seats and the most memorable ad of the night.Next, actor Isaiah Mustafa (affectionately known as “The Old Spice Guy”) and Ella CEO and founder Erin Gallagher (the mastermind behind the viral #HypeWomen Movement) join the ADWEEK crew to discuss their hot takes on the night. They discuss the ads that invited the right celebs to the dinner table, the ads that made you actually want to buy the goods and the ads that best reflect today’s world.Adweek's The 13 Best Super Bowl Ads of 2024Adweek’s Reviews of the 2024 Super Bowl Ads: Best and Worst of the GameFollow Isaiah Mustafa on InstagramFollow Erin Gallagher on LinkedIn
  • 23. Yeah That’s Probably a Super Bowl Crossover | Young Influentials

    It's almost time for the Big Game! Before the event takes place on Sunday, we have the pleasure of being joined by Mollie Cahillane, who hosts ADWEEK's Champions of Change podcast, and Luz Corona, ADWEEK's Yeah, That's Probably An Ad podcast co-host. During our discussion, we covered various topics, including where to stream the Big Game favorite ads so far and whether we think Taylor Swift will be proposed to.Listen to past episodes of Young Influentuals by subscribing on Apple Podcasts or following the show on Spotify!
  • 353. Under Pressure: How Adidas and Neuroscientists Joined Forces To Help Athletes

    It’s an unlikely roster that includes scientists, elite athletes, and marketers from one of the biggest sports brands in the world.But they are coming together to achieve the same goal: Help athletes on all levels manage pressure and return to the joy of sport.On the latest episode of Yeah That’s Probably An Ad, community editor Luz Corona and senior podcast producer Al Mannarino are joined by Chris Murphy, SVP of brand marketing at adidas for a behind-the-scenes look at their latest campaign, “You Got This.” The multi-channel campaign includes a 90-second film set against the timeless and iconic anthem, ‘Under Pressure’ by Queen ft. David Bowie and activations on the ground during Super Bowl weekend. Murphy discusses what the brief looked like, strategically capitalizing on the Big Game momentum around Kansas City Chiefs QB Patrick Mahomes and the lessons learned when activating on the Vegas Sphere for the very first time.
  • 22. Up, Up & Away with Elevator Boys | Young Influentials

    In recent years, many creators have risen to fame, but the challenge is to maintain that fame and continue to create new content. The German creators, Elevator Boys, became friends through TikTok and have expanded into various fields, including modeling and music. What is the secret to their success, and how do they stay relevant? In this episode, we will hear from them as they share the story behind their name and what they have planned for 2024 and beyond.Listen to past episodes of Young Influentuals by subscribing on Apple Podcasts or following the show on Spotify!