XOXO by The Knot


Whitney Little & Henry Bell

Season 1, Ep. 18

In the season one finale of XOXO by The Knot your podcast host Whitney Little takes the role of guest with her husband of one year, Henry Bell. At last, listeners will meet the man Whitney has made mention of throughout the season and hear their full story.

Whitney Little and Henry Bell married on May 27, 2018 on the rooftop of their New York City apartment. Both originally hailing from Texas, and both having resided in NYC for a number of years, Whitney and Henry finally met by way of introduction through a mutual friend during football season. The two Texas natives always seemed to have just missed one another in the years leading up to their eventual meeting, which worked out in the end as they met at just the right time in their lives, both in a good headspace and ready for love. Regardless of their loyalties to opposing Texas College football teams, feelings grew quickly and the two swiftly became an item. After dating for five years Whitney and Henry made a big decision together: they were ready to be husband and wife. While a courthouse wedding on the same day they made their decision together to wed would have done them just fine, each of their families were eager to be a part of their wedding celebration. The two waited for seven weeks until both their parents, immediate family members, and closest friends could convene to witness their union. Whitney and Henry put their own unique spin on every step of wedding planning, from the engagement—or lack thereof—to dress shopping, writing their own vows, and their first dance. On today’s episode, we explore what it takes to be ready for marriage and how to plan a sweet and intimate surprise wedding in just seven weeks. This is their story.

(Photo courtesy of Phillip Van Nostrand Photography)

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Abbie Frank & Tim Voelker

Season 1, Ep. 14
Abbie Frank and Tim Voelker married on October 7, 2017 in Urbana, Illinois at Bluestem Hall. Both designers by trade, the pair first hit it off after connecting and talking online from across the country for nearly two months. They had many shared passions: In addition to their interests as designers, they both love classic cars, ‘90s Nickelodeon and woodworking. When the duo finally met in real life, right as Abbie moved to Brooklyn from Illinois to begin her graduate program, they went on their first date, shared their first kiss, and simply “could not stop smiling.” For three years they enjoyed living in New York City, exploring the metropolitan and growing as designers and as a couple. After graduating from Pratt, Abbie and Tim decided to move to Abbie’s midwestern hometown of Champaign-Urbana, Illinois. It was there they began a new passion project, transforming Abbie’s family farm on a protected habitat into a beloved wedding venue. Tim proposed to Abbie on the farm and they were the very first couple to wed at what is now Bluestem Hall. These two are the ultimate DIY-newlyweds. On today's episode, Abbie and Tim share their journey both as a couple and as business owners—the good, the bad and the (often) messy reality of transforming a historic barn into a work of art where couples can host their wedding celebrations. This is their story.Photo courtesy of Jessica Olivero/Jessica OH PhotographyCheck out Abbie & Tim's venue, Bluestem Hall on The Knot Marketplace: https://www.theknot.com/marketplace/bluestem-hall-urbana-il-1053562