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Hi loves! Bunny here, wanted to check in and update you on all the new stuff we have planned for our relaunch on 4/20!


  • New monthly interview series: Bunny will feature a new guest on one episode a month (other creators, healer, and inspiring people who are also on the path of aligning with their Higher Self)

  • XO Higher Self Exclusives: You can now access all new bonus episodes via Apple Podcast subscriptions. We are still posting bonus episodes through Patreon as well, for the same monthly cost. All bonus episodes released before 4/10/22 are only available through Patreon.

  • Live Higher Self Readings on Zoom every last Saturday of the month: Bunny will be giving live readings on Zoom available to all Patreon subscribers who sign up for the Angels or Miracles tier. Video recordings of the readings will be posted in Patreon as well.

  • All listeners who leave a review on Apple Podcasts will get a special shout out on the pod!

To submit a question to Bunny or listener response to be featured on a future episode, record a voice memo and email it to xohigherself@gmail.com. Or you can leave us a voice mail at 740-481-1216.

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