cover art for The Shrekiverse: Part 5

When Will It End?

The Shrekiverse: Part 5

Season 1, Ep. 5

While the core Shrek series may be over, there is still much much more to The Shrekiverse. The boys take you with them on their first major entry into the endless world of Shrek Spin Off Material (SSpOMat): Puss In Boots.

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  • 1. The Introverse

    Josh and Charles are back with a new podcast called When Will It End?, an exploration into film series and the worlds that they create. By watching every entry in the franchise from start to finish, Josh and Charles live in each cinematic universe as it unfolds asking the hard questions like what works, what doesn’t, and when will it end.
  • 1. The Shrekiverse: Part 1

    Josh and Charles watch Shrek and try to put things into cultural perspective as they relive 2001 from both a boys’ and a mom’s view, all the while trying to make sense of a poop-bathing, Smashmouth-listening, wall-building ogre in this first installment of The Shrekiverse.
  • 2. The Shrekiverse: Part 2

    Josh and Charles watch Shrek 2 and dive a little deeper in The Shrekiverse. After Shrek, the boys were ready for this brand new unexplored world to be filled. They can’t quite agree whether or not it’s a playground, a sandbox, or a roller coaster, but that doesn’t stop them from an hour’s-long journey into the lands of Dulac, Far Far Away, and the very soul of that green man.And don’t forget: if you experienced something that you think inspired minions, or simply have been inspired personally by minions, use #minspo to share your story.
  • 3. The Shrekiverse: Part 3

    After learning of the precipitous plunge in rotten tomates given to Shrek The Third, the boys were a little worried going in. Did Shrek 2 leave enough room for growth or would the third installment suffocate under the weight of its predecessor. Josh and Charles learn a lot of papas and kings as they run a little deeper into The Shrekiverse.
  • 4. The Shrekiverse: Part 4

    After feeling like downright citizens of The Shrekiverse with Shrek The Third, Josh and Charles are starting to wonder if this fairy tale land should ever end. Can Shrek Forever After keep the ogre train pumping through its series’ conclusion or is it about to jump the rails?
  • 6. The Shrekiverse: Part 6

    Josh and Charles are beginning to get overwhelmed by the number of shrekispodes in The Shrekiverse as they try get through as much of the bonus content as they can—short films, TV, video games—while also watching Shrek: The Musical.
  • 1. The Powersverse: Part 1

    After a rough week, the boys decide to put Die Hard on hold for a while and go back to funnyman Mike Meyers's other funnyverse: Austin Powers. Josh and Charles get a little horny and dive into The Powersverse.
  • 2. The Powersverse: Part 2

    Austin Powers is back and so are the boys, as they continue their journey into The Powersverse. Josh and Charles find startling connections between Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me and Shrek and The Love Guru, and do a lot of counting.