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The Swan Project

Students at the PACE center for girls come from difficult backgrounds. Some have been homeless, in jail, or are teen moms. Lane DeGregory followed them for months, trying to see whether learning to be “ladies” would change their lives.

You can read the story here: THE SWAN PROJECT

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  • A Conversation with Eli Saslow: What Makes a Feature Story?

    The Society for Features Journalism hosted a conversation between Lane DeGregory and New York Times writer Eli Saslow to discuss what makes a feature story. Read the article about it here:
  • A Message from Roger

    A reader called the newspaper: He’d found a note in an ancient Pepsi bottle behind his house. Lane DeGregory set out to find whoever wrote it. And helped make a heart-breaking connection.You can read the story here: A MESSAGE FROM ROGER | Poynter
  • The Truth is Flexible

    While city leaders around Tampa Bay were debating whether to outlaw panhandling, Lane DeGregory spent two days on the streets, learning how to convince drivers to give you money.You can read the story here: THE TRUTH IS FLEXIBLE
  • Zeke the Labrador

    Lane DeGregory of the Tampa Bay Times talks about taking a walk with an ailing, elderly man, his amazing pet, and the good dogs can do.You can read the story here: Time is short, but Zeke the Labrador lives to keep his owner alive
  • Pulse Nightclub Shooting Tests Youth’s Courage

    Find stakeholders, explore other perspectives, follow someone through a vigil.
  • A Brother’s Bond

    Make a connection, build trust, have a conversation: Dogs, kids, cars.
  • Gone in a Flash

    Hang out at bars, eavesdrop on conversations, bribe with beers, find: Character. Action. Setting. Theme.