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Pete Donaldson has never watched a Wrestlemania. Marc Haynes has seen too many. Together, they're watching every minute of every Wrestlemania from opening bell to final whistle (if they used whistles in wrestling, which they don't.) Say ...

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  • Wrestle Me-mas #1 - Roman Reigns vs Logan Paul - Crown Jewel '22!

    An annual tradition - a wee festive lick of the Wrestle Me Patreon for all the fabulous freeloaders! We're still doing our thing over at so come grab some more Wrestle Me-mas over there now...and do follow us over on Twitter here! Oh, and if you'd like some more free stuff, we've started doing video versions of our shows here!

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  • Wrestle Me-mas #10 - Big Daddy vs Haystacks (Wembley 1981)

    A little RSS-feed treat for your Christmas Day. Enjoy! If you'd like to hear the rest of our Wrestle Me-mases, just head on over to (TLDL: Basically Pete's gone proper mad for TNA and he wants to do loads of TNA over on the Patreon and Marc's trying to stop him)

    ONE MORE MATCH!Wrestle Me, as we know over. But in the very *spirit* of sports entertainment retirement, we're simply going to wait a few days, clear out our motel room of whiskey bottles and resurface in another territory!So here's what's happening.We're going to be continuing the show you love, Wrestle Me *exclusively* over on Patreon. WWW.PATREON.COM/WRESTLEME baby!And we're switching things up. No longer are we going to just concentrate on good Wrestlemanias past, and terrible Wrestlemanias present - we're going to be taking a look at wrestling from all eras, all the time. We're going to be kicking off with AEW's Full Gear 2021, along with King Of The Ring 1993. Then we're straight into good old Wrestle Me-mas!January? Royal Rumble and Wrestle Kingdom - alongside some of your favourite ECW, WWF, WWWWF, Impact and TNA PPVs. And all the other federations that recorded their master tapes on wax cylinders. We're also going to be reviewing films and albums, too! So tell us about your favourites now... Will our comeback be HBK at Summerslam, or Warrior in Barcelona? Only time will tell...WWW.PATREON.COM/WRESTLEME - what the world has come to.
  • Baby, I'm comin' home: Wrestlemania. The end.

    Wearing their very best salmon suits, Marc and Pete polish off another Wrestlemania, for the very final time (until we have to do it again in April.)We'd like to thank each and every one of you for being such awesome WrestleMe-niacs - and remember, this isn't the end. This is only the beginning!Head on over to for much, much more. Like... a silly amount more. More details to follow tomorrow - along with another PPV - King Of The Ring 1993! 
  • Really Valuable Drugs: Wrestlemania 37 - Part 6

    You make this just a bit harder for Vince and you'll be gaining that executive bathroom VIP pass, my friend.If you wanna hear what's coming next - head on over to now! And stay tuned for what's in store for this channel...
  • The new voice of country music: Wrestlemania 37 - Part 5

    Did Ron DeSantis write this Jack Sparrow voiceover bullshine?If you'd like to hear what happens next - head on over to
  • The bees needs: Wrestlemania 37 - Part 4

    Marc's new favourite wrestler, Bad Bunny hits the ring. Easily the best thing Miz has done in - get yourself a shirt at once, nombre colectivos!